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Rebel EOS K2

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Mason8271 says:

I just purchased a Canon Rebel EOS K2 with EF 28-90mm lens for $25.00. Its in great condition and everything seems to work well. Running a roll of film through it now. Can't wait to see how they turn out and post the photos on the groups site. Any recommendations for a newbie are greatly welcomed.
6:20PM, 11 February 2012 PST (permalink)

impartial door [deleted] says:

I also own an EOS Rebel K2. I currently started shooting with it again since I'm in a black and white film photography class. They are great cameras. My only bit of advice is to be careful when focusing. The EF 28-90mm kit lens tends to be a bit "sloppy" when manually focusing it. The lens is just really touchy compared to other Canon lens I own. In auto focus mode it focuses nice and tight. The lens is a very sharp lens when it is in focus. If you do like using it, you might want to look into a lens hood for the lens. The lens tends to get alot of glare since the front lens is so convex. Overall the camera is an amazing film camera. You got it for a great price! I bought mine brand new in the early 2000's for about $250 in a kit with the EF 28-90mm lens. Hope you enjoy using it!
93 months ago (permalink)

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