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Compatibility T2 - EFS 18-55

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Luiza_GS says:

Sorry to bother, guys. I can't find this information anywhere. Can someone tell me if the T2 is compatible with the EFS 18-55 lenses? I'm really interested in buying a T2, and I'd like to know if I can use my current lenses from my digital XSi.
Thank you.
3:32PM, 15 January 2010 PST (permalink)

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Todd Evans says:

You can't use any of the lenses marked "EF-S" with any of the Canon film cameras. You can only use lenses marked with "EF" (no "S"). The rear element of EF-S lenses sits too far back and will bump into the mirror box of a 35mm film camera. Also, the EF-S lenses are made to cover only the smaller image area of APS-C digital sensors.
120 months ago (permalink)

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Luiza_GS says:

thanks a lot!
120 months ago (permalink)

impartial door [deleted] says:

You wouldn't be able to use the EF-S lens on the T2, but you could use the EF lens that fit on the T2 on you XSi DSLR. I own a T2i and I quite often will use my EF 28-90mm kit lens from my K2 film camera on my T2i. All the contacts on the EF lens line up with the contacts on the DSLR body, and the lens functions as it should.
93 months ago (permalink)

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