terrific eyes [deleted] 2:24am, 3 July 2009
I bought my rebel Ti brand new in 2004 for over $400, then bought a bp-200 vertical grip. I got in a bind for money in late 2005 or early 2006 and got $130 for it at camera co-op in Austin, TX. Now I see them on ebay used, sometimes for as low as $35.

How much did you pay for your EOS?
narent23 9 years ago
I paid about $120 for my K2. Now I can find it for about $35 as well. Works great though.
iliveintheaether 9 years ago
I paid ~$200 ($255?)ish for my K2 Rebel; Ebay says ~$75-200 still? Where are you finding it for $35? I'd buy another one if I saw it for that lol. They shouldn't have depreciated *that* much. I know the 1v picked up retailed for $3k-3.5k and I got it for $350..
terrific eyes [deleted] 9 years ago
Just keep an eye on ebay. Watch the dollar no reserve auctions. When they finish thats about what market is. And great camera. Seriously, its insane. Super high tech uber accurate meter system, fast auto focus, great popup fill flash. I wouldn't dream of getting something that awesome for less than $100 back in 1990 when all I had was an AE-1 Program from 1981 that my parents paid over a grand for...
narent23 9 years ago
Hey ok, I guess I low balled it a lot, but on keh.com I found it for $65 in excellent condition:

keh.com has a bizzare product layout and their search feature is crap, but the used products they sell are great and cheap. I bought a lens from them a month ago and works great.
narent23 9 years ago
Here is also a listing of canon auto focus film bodies:
Great Beyond 8 years ago
I often see the body for 20-30 bucks and the body+kit lens for 50 bucks on ebay. I'm thinking of picking up a second body just so I can shoot film and B&W at the same time!
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