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Author: Dr. Nathan Van Sertima

Community leader Rev. Dr. Franklyn Beckles, Jr., a former Richmond County School Teacher and famous children’s rights advocate helped to achieve an historic Civil Rights Crusade against injustice and bullying in Richmond County Public Schools on June 5, 2013 – in Augusta Georgia. He was followed by his wife Adrian, son Christian, and a large supporters who marched from Pyramid Music on Broad Street to the Richmond County Board of Education Office in protest to the rapid abuse of children in public schools and to expose the corruption, racism, and history of scandals by the Richmond County Board of Education. The group delivered a petition to the incompetent School Superintendent Frank Roberson requesting the removal of the embattled and dishonest Copeland Elementary School Principal Kim Davis, proving that she had disrespected parents, disregarded their civil rights and aided in abusing students. The Civil Rights Leader Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr., was the only man in the community with the courage to address the crisis of racial injustice in schools and businesses in the Central Savannah River Area, primarily in Augusta, Georgia. Dr. Beckles successfully led the fight against public school injustice and corruption, as did his father Aiken Technical College Professor Franklyn V. Beckles, Sr., in Aiken South Carolina where he established the first successful all-black private school (Aiken Academy), to combat the public school dropout rate of minority children inspired by the Aiken County Board of Education. In most cases the victims are usually African American men and boys- (read book “The Conspiracy against Black Boys”)... Sadistic and feminist School Principals like Kimberly Davis of Copeland Elementary School (a school with a long history of internal problems with female principals and criminal investigations by the G.B.I.), have been a vice on the civil rights of young black men and mocks the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lisa McClure, a parent published this letter on 05-16-2011: “Mrs. Davis is unprofessional in the manner she addresses issues and she makes it a point to let everyone know she is in charge in a rude & disgraceful manner. The Board is weary of helping us for some reason. They seem to be putting this in a slow moving motion.” It was complaints like this that have been published or filed against the R.C.B.O.E. for decades since desegregation! It’s a serious issue, School Boards all over the nation like the Richmond County Board of Education, has been covering up documented scandals of child abuse, sexual abuse, unfair job hiring policies, immoral feminism, racism, black-on-black crimes for several decades. And only one church pastor and community leader chose to do something about it, especially when his son, Christian Beckles was victimized and bullied at Copeland Elementary School by a female student. Cities like Augusta, Georgia, and Aiken, South Carolina are infamous for allowing social injustice toward minority men to go unpunished in the CSRA. Of all of the public agencies in Augusta, the RCBOE is the worst in regards to violating peoples’ civil rights and impeding litigations. The one government facility that ranks second to them is the Richmond County Fire Department, where its fire chief is notorious for lying and evading routine public scandals of departmental corruption. The RCBOE has a history of child negligence by teachers and school administrators hired and protected by unprofessional board members and political “fat cats”. That way of conducting educational values, finally reached a boiling point and sparked local and national outrage in 2013. Initial reports state that it all started at Copeland Elementary School, when a boy was beaten and locked in a closet by a female teacher. At first, the local media was on the side of the victimized students and televised news coverage of Richmond County parents along with their kids (including Dr. Beckles and his son Christian), and many witnesses publicly documenting a list of serious and criminal allegations of abuse, discrimination, black-on-black crime, incompetence, bullying, violence on school buses, abandoned children, and racism on the part of many school teachers, bus drivers, and principals for the Richmond County School System. Addressing these valid accusations, news reporters like Tyrone McCoy noticed that the Superintendent, Board Members, and entire RCBOE Staff were simply ignoring these complaints and paid numerous parents to keep quite or settled several lawsuits by former employees and students. But the most alarming thing was the blatant political “damage control” to discredit and lie about their accusers, and coerced the racist local news stations to switch sides targeting the band of minority parents and their spokesman unfairly with verbal abuse and threats. Also the Board Members and Superintendent (most of them African American) collaborated with the corrupt Richmond County Sheriff’s Department to frame or falsely arrest the male complainants, hiring cyberbullies from hate groups in local feminist & racist organizations to slander complainants online in a pathetic effort to shut them up, and enlisting the legendary racist and slanderous newspaper company– The Augusta Chronicle to post and routinely publish tons of fabrications attacking and cyberbullying parents like Rev. Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr. More Parents eagerly petitioned against several disgraced school principals and RCBOE employees like: Joretta Akpo-Sanni, Wayne Frazier, Charles Smith, Tim Spivey, PTA leaders Renaldo Woolfolk, and Monique Braswell (for embezzling PTA funds)!! But the main person who inspired public outcry for her removal from office was Kimberly Davis of Copeland Elementary School, for repeatedly dodging complaints about her teachers physically or sexually abusing students, refusing to educate disabled kids, female teachers attacking parents, and school administration employees filing false police reports on students and parents who lodged complaints. The final straw was when Copeland Elementary Teacher Ms. Francine Wynn assaulted and locked a male student in her classroom closet (the horrifying incident was witnessed by the entire class). Principal Davis lied to protect the teacher from prosecution and losing her job, simply because she was a woman! Unfortunately, in the Western world, especially America, this immoral feminist behavior is how most people conduct corporate or governmental procedures. They misguidedly put women on pedestals in society and give them a free license to sabotage the civil rights of men, and are the main causes for job discrimination and domestic abuse against men. To make matters worse, initially the School Board and the Superintendent refused to fire the abusive teacher. Everyone made excuses for her because the child was a boy and the teacher was a woman. Clearly, most parents in the community were outraged at a local elementary school principal for what they’re children were witnessing and experiencing. Many reports and news articles about the allegations were submitted to newspapers like the Augusta Chronicle (owned by K.K.K. member Billy Morris), including information reported regarding scandals by other corrupt agencies like: the Richmond County Sheriff’s Department, Aiken County Police Departments, and Augusta Fire Departments. To date, the Augusta Chronicle Staff and local media affiliates has a long standing tradition for covering up and publishing lies to make the CSRA communities and the city of Augusta look good, and are willing to go to any lengths to do that, including: committing unlawful subversive acts, racism, and slandering minority leaders. On the historic day of June 5, 2013; Rev. Dr. Frank Beckles led a civil rights march with victimized parents and children, and confronted Superintendent Frank Roberson and the RCBOE, (while Kimberly Davis was hiding in another building giving a secret television interview to finally respond to the many allegations of her misconduct). The protesters were mistreated just like the civil right marchers in the 1960s (the only difference today is that the racists are both black & white)! The RCBOE, hurled police officers at the group who were protesting peacefully, the Superintendent tore up their signed petition of over 300 signatures calling for Davis’s removal. RCBOE employees and racist news reporters like Tracey McManus and Susan McCord (among others) immediately began verbally attacking, cursing, and threatening the parents in front of their children! The camera men instinctively cut off their cameras to look on the childish display on the part of adults who were supposed to be acting professional. The RCBOE female employees behaved insanely –yelling and spitting on Dr. Beckles and the rest of the parents, just like the white bystanders did to black civil right protestors in the 60’s. As I looked on in horror, I was the only one recording the incident with my cellphone. The Board of Education deliberately set in motion a “Damage Control” effort, to falsely attack the character of the Leader of the protest, who was only protecting the rights of his son and courageously defending other children who have been mistreated and abused by the disgraceful and dishonest School Principal Kimberly Davis and her unqualified Administrate staff!! WJBF, WFXG, The Augusta Chronicle, and others- all omitted facts, footage, public threats by Frank Roberson, and negated recorded witness statements proving that Dr. Beckles and the other parents were being honest, performing their civic duties, and had presented evidence of all allegations during their protest meeting with Frank Roberson and the Richmond County Board of Education. At NO time did the Local News from that day on, accurately report the events of this historic Civil Rights March against Bullying and Child Abuse in Augusta’s public schools (which public records show has been going on since the 1970s). Nor did the Media televise the Parents confronting the disreputable Superintendent and demanding answers! The Augusta Chronicle and the News Media clearly refused to report or publish the truth, revealing that Rev. Dr. Beckles and the group of parents DID have and presented documented proof to back up their claims! Instead, The Augusta Chronicle spearheaded a liable and racist campaign of: false news reports, misleading information, cyberbullying, and slanderous articles (for which they have been sued for by other victims many times). Instead of accurately reporting the hottest news story of the year 2013, they unwittingly conspired with the Richmond County Board of Education, to railroad an honorable man, Church Pastor, and father of five kids along with other concerned parents and teachers, who are all good people and law bidding citizens with legitimate grievances. The modern civil right protesters were obliviously seen as a threat to a corrupt political machine of dishonest and immoral city leaders that all had a vested interest in protecting the RCBOE. The evidence to prove the misconduct allegations against The Richmond County School Board and the embattled School Principal was promptly submitted to an attorney for another civil lawsuit against the evil school officials!! The Augusta Chronicle’s efforts to conceal the latest RCBOE scandal, was in fact to protect the fractured image of the Augusta School Board and aid a psychopathic school principal (still employed) who has been mistreating, abusing, and wrongfully suspending good children for years!! Tyrone McCoy, WJBF Journalist stated- “Some Parents at Copeland Elementary School say Principal Kimberly Davis has lost control of the school, and they've signed a petition demanding that she be replaced. Rev. Dr. Frank Beckles, Jr., says his son's glasses were broken when he was bullied and Principal Davis failed to do anything about it. So, he took the issue up with the Richmond County Board of Education. I spoke with Ms. Missoura Ashe (a habitual liar), who assured me that everything would be taken care of and, of course, it wasn't. Another parent, Iesha McClendon, also spoke out against the principal at Copeland Elementary School. She says Davis sent her child home from school, without a write-up, in the car of a faculty member. The outraged mother took the issue straight to the principal.” Like Dr. Beckles, McClendon says she then turned to the Richmond County Board of Education, speaking with Deputy Superintendent Tim Spivey, but that appears to be as far as their complaints went. Richmond County School Superintendent Frank Roberson says this is the first he’s heard of these accusations (one of many lies told by Roberson), but that he intends to resolve them. Some teachers also appear to be concerned about how discipline is handled in Richmond County.” Habitually the Board of Education maintained a “clueless” attitude toward sexual or physical abuse and bullying (read Augusta Chronicle 2014 scandal on employee Charles Smith), and the Superintendent and administrators were not telling the truth or admitting to the problem. The Board of Education had also been dealing with several harassment suits at the time. Still, the Superintendent said things are under control. McCoy asked: “Mr. Roberson, is there a problem in Richmond County schools?” He answered- “There's not a problem in Richmond County Schools,” when in fact, the RCBOE has been suffering from repeated public scandal, discrimination lawsuits, sexual abuse, teacher dismissals, and “revolving door” of appointments for new Superintendents (after the scandal Roberson’s employment contract was terminated, and of course, this time they hired a female Superintendent with a checkered background in education from DeKalb County, Ms. Angela Pringle, and like Roberson, she’s no stranger to misconduct or lying to protect her own ass). The June 5, 2013 March against the RCBOE, will live on in infamy. Because the corrupt and racist political machines of the CSRA (like the Richmond County Board of Education), has been a mockery of the civil rights legacy, and continues to erode the constitutional rights of African American men. Only one man stood up to them and faced the onslaught of their vicious attacks; including being falsely arrested, threatened, slandered, bullied, and black-balled. Just like what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., endured. Its brave men like Dr. Franklyn Victor Beckles, Jr., who are true heroes and what remains of Dr. King’s fragmented legacy. Not the evil men and women or “uncle tom” Negroes that suck up to the immorality and feminism of the white man’s world. No wonder good citizens and role models like Rev. Dr. Frank Beckles are constantly lied on and unfairly targeted for standing up against injustice. Look at what evil black feminist liars are doing to the American icon, Bill Cosby!!


References: Based on proven factual documents published by former RCBOE teachers, honest news reporters who lost their jobs, school administrators, public records, police reports, complaints, news articles, and dozens of eye witness statements.

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