janzojs 8:43pm, 25 May 2009
Has anyone ever used the binding foot for binding their quilts or other sewing projects. Binding is the part of quilting that I dread and would like to try anything that would make it easier and look better than it does after I finish binding.

Close the Window [deleted] 9 years ago
I was at the local quilt store that sells Berninas (not quite local as it's a 2 hour round trip) a couple of weeks ago actually looking at the same thing to make binding a quilt easier. It seems that the binding foot (#84) is a special foot and they don't carry more than one but can order more if they happen to be out of that one. The largest the binding foot will do for unfolded bias is up to 1" so when it's actually on the item it's much too small for a quilt. The lady showed me something that had been done with it and it was a small zip purse and it was about a 1/4" or less. I nearly pooped my pants when I saw the price on the binding foot box - it was $264! Or maybe it was $246 but it was way way too expensive and since it doesn't do wide enough bias for a quilt I was glad it was too expensive. Any of the sizes that the binding foot or binder attachment came available in was way too small for a quilt. You would really need something that would be able to do at least a couple of inches or more unfolded and as far as I can tell nothing comes close to that. Same thing with the bias binder #85 foot. One requires a foot (available separately) and the other requires an adapter foot (available separately) at an additional cost.
janzojs 9 years ago
Thanks for your help. It might help for smaller projects than quilts, but the price tag is way to expensive to justify for aprons and such.
jasper2sooty 9 years ago
I also battled with binding and found the following useful. I bought a ruler from The Sewing Revolution, called a Bind-Aid, full pictorial instructions included and it works !!! I have a Bernina Aurora 440QE ,it has presser foot number 5, (Blindstitch foot), and this is fantastic for binding. Cut binding 2 and half inches wide, fold over in half, press, and sew to wrong side of quilt sandwich with walking foot. Fold binding over to right side, now use presser foot number 5, and sew along edge...no handstitching at all !I hope this helps !!
jasper2sooty 9 years ago
OOPS SORRY ITS PRESSER FOOT NUMBER 10 NOT 5 !!!!! I have just sat making pot holders and used foot number 10 when it dawned on me that i mentioned number 5 in my previous post. Sorry about that !!!
I decided that the bernina binding tool was too narrow for me and expensive. See some of my items that I Machine Bound in their own set;

I use the Clover 25 to iron the strips and made a quilck flickr tutorial as well.

I love machine binding! great for placemats and charity quilts too.
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