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nora303 ADMIN February 9, 2012
These blocks are looking great ladies!

Group Description

A group of 6 quilters who are learning, encouraging and having fun by exchanging blocks!

Group Members (in hosting month order):

February- Nora
March- Chris
April- Dawn
May- Diane
June- Tonya
July- Catherine

Group Rules

I am committed to take part in the quilting bee from February 2014-July 2014.

I have read over the QUILTING newBEEs "rules". (see below)

I will learn, encourage and have fun no matter how many times I have to use my seam ripper.

QUILTING newBEEs “Rules”

Basic Info: The virtual quilting bee is made up of 6 people. Each person takes turns being a guest (5 of the months) or a host (1 month). When you are a “guest” you will receive fabric and instructions from the host, make 2 blocks (12 x 12 or smaller) and send them back. When you are the host you will send out fabric and instructions to the other 5 members and wait to receive them back.

When you are a “guest”: Sit back and relax while you wait for the hosts envelope to come in the mail. When you get the fabric, read the directions the person sent (and also posted in the flickr group) about what they want their blocks to be. Sew the block(s). and mail them back to the host by the last day of the month. You will also need to post in the flickr group discussion that you have sent the blocks back. Adding photos would be great too! You will be a “guest” 5 months out of the year.

When you are a “host”: Figure out what kind of blocks you want everyone to make for you. Select fabric. Print out and post in the flickr group directions/inspirations for your blocks. Mail out your fabrics and instructions (see more info below) to the 5 other bee members by the 27th of the month prior (For example: If your month is August, you should send your fabric and instructions by July 27th). Start a new discussion in the flickr group titled with your name and assigned month (For example: “Sarah’s August Blocks”). When you start the discussion give the directions for the blocks (also enclose them with the fabric), any necessary online links, special instructions, etc. This will be a way for others to ask you questions and relay to you when they send your blocks back. It would be great of you to post a picture in the photo pool as well. Wait for finished blocks to start arriving in the mail! What you do with the completed blocks it up to you.

Mailing directions:
All fabrics should be mailed in plastic ziplock bags. If it is your month please label the bag with your name and month. Fabric can be sent back in the same ziplock bag.

Include printed instructions with your fabric. This makes it easy on those of us that don’t have our computer and sewing machine in the same room. Please include your return address on the instruction sheet or, if you’re feeling fancy, include return address labels.

5 months out of the year (when you are a “guest”) you will have 1 package to mail. One month out of the year, when you are the host, you will have 5 packages to mail.

Notes on Fabric:
Any fabric (even scraps) is acceptable as it is your quilt. Keep in mind that some members are beginners so, you may not want to buy fabric that costs you an arm and a leg or that is one of a kind.

A lot of people suggest giving the equivalent of 1.5 fat quarters but as long as you are sending enough fabric to make your block(s) it is fine.

Include in the instructions whether or not you would like any scraps returned. Also include, whether or not you would like only your fabrics used or if people are able to include their own. Remember, you should send enough fabric to make your blocks unless you have made other arrangements with group members. With beginners, not everyone will have a large “stash” built up.

For more thoughts on fabric you may want to go here:

Notes on Block Ideas:
All members may be brand new quilters so, please keep that in mind when you are giving instructions for your blocks. However, we all want to learn too so, be willing to go for a bit of a challenge too!

Blocks can range from 8 to 12 inches square. Obviously you will need to specify your size in your instructions.

I would recommend joining the flickr group: Quilting Bee Blocks. There are lots of pictures of blocks and a list of block tutorials can be found here:

Resolving Conflicts:
If you are not able to commit to the 6 months that this bee will cover please consider a different avenue for learning more about quilting.

If you know your finished blocks are going to be tardy (sent after the last day of the month) please notify the person whose month it is to make arrangements as well as the day you expect to send them.

There should be plenty of time for you to arrange sending your fabric for your month but, if you know you are going to be sending it later than the 27th of the prior month please notify the group.

If someone were to drop out then we will ask for a volunteer to make an extra block each month or look for a replacement. If it is the “drop outs” month to send fabric we can decide as a group whether to take the month off, see if someone wants to send fabric twice, or some other creative idea.

Again, let’s just not have these conflicts! ☺

Above all else:
This group is meant to be fun, encouraging and a way to learn more about quilting!

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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