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Kendra (mccuisti)
Sandy (Samilou)
Mary (mamamary2)
Jamie (maricopafabrics)
Krista (poppyprint)
Kaelin (theplaidscottie)
Megan (meg_kay77)

Group #2
Kendra (mccuisti)
Kate (modernbasic1)
Nannette (nanotchka)
Renee (Luv2Kreate)
Holly (binkwaffle-Holly)
Marianne (Maripienquiltmom)


  • Next Round.

    Hi everyone, Happy Mother's Day. I'm just wondering if we are going to con...

    modernbasics139 months ago36 replies

  • An Apology....

    I owe you guys a HUGE apology....things got complicated with the adoption paperw...

    mccuisti46 months ago7 replies

  • GROUP #2 Discussion ROUND #1

    Please feel free to go ahead and discuss your ideas, color schemes and block ide...

    mccuisti46 months ago241 replies

  • GROUP # 2 RECEIVED (round #2)

    Group #2 RECEIVED KENDRA (mccuisti) Nannette RECEIVED Holly RECEIVED Kate...

    mccuisti46 months ago19 replies

  • Are you ready for Round # 3??

    I am knee deep in adoption paperwork, authenticating documents and of course our...

    mccuisti47 months ago11 replies

  • GROUP # 1 RECEIVED (round #2)

    GROUP #1 RECEIVED KENDRA (mccuisti) Sandy (Samilou) RECEIVED mary- Jamie-...

    mccuisti49 months ago26 replies

  • Group #1 Received

    Thought this might be helpful since the other string is pretty long. I've re...

    maricopafabrics/Jamie49 months ago2 replies

  • New Swap - wanna join?

    Angela (Twee/Cut to Pieces) and I have put together our first swap! It's called ...

    theplaidscottie49 months ago5 replies


    COLLEEN HAS RECEIVED FROM: Kendra-mccuisti- ReneeLuv2create-RECEIVED Corey-Li...

    mccuisti51 months ago38 replies

  • Group #2.......Round #2

    Use this thread to talk more about your block & color selections etc... Group...

    mccuisti51 months ago146 replies

  • Mailing! (All but one)

    I put all of my blocks in the mail today except for one. Mary, your geese are m...

    maricopafabrics/Jamie51 months ago2 replies

  • Group #1....Round #2

    Use this thread to talk more about your block & color selections etc.. GROUP ...

    mccuisti51 months ago75 replies

  • How are you guys coming along?

    Well I have most of our adoption paperwork done! So I plan to spend a good deal...

    mccuisti51 months ago14 replies

  • My blocks are all done!!!

    I can't tell you how happy I am. I hope you all love these blocks as much as I'v...

    Poppyprint51 months ago17 replies

  • I need addresses ASAP from some of you....

    I have a file for our group in my email program and I have the following address...

    mccuisti51 months ago4 replies

  • help!!!

    i've just started 'target' from Kaffe's latest book. I'm using liberty and inno...

    modernbasics151 months ago0 replies

  • Addresses?

    Kendra, I just realized, we don't have everyone's addresses yet, do we? I'm ...

    maricopafabrics/Jamie51 months ago1 replies

  • Sorry I havent been around as much...

    BUT I have good news......Our adoption application was ACCEPTED! We will be ado...

    mccuisti51 months ago10 replies

  • A labor of love quilt....what do you suggest?

    We are in the early process of adopting and I would like to make a quilt for our...

    mccuisti52 months ago12 replies

  • Participating in round #2...Introduce yourself

    If you are participating in round # 2 take a few mins to tell us about yourself....

    mccuisti52 months ago15 replies

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