Erin - TwoMoreSeconds 6:50pm, 30 July 2009
Online virtual quilting bees are sprouting up like crazy right now and awhile ago I got the grand idea of starting a Flickr group to try to collect images of all the wonderful blocks being made by Bee members from all over the world. Since then our little group has grown to be a listing of over 300 online bees, have over 1800 members and includes almost THIRTY THOUSAND photos of quilt blocks & finished quilts made from Virtual Quilting Bees! There are some very talented sewers and quilters in this group and the group pool has really become a showcase of some amazing blocks.

As the group admin, I often get emails from people asking about how to run a quilting bee, how to communicate with other Bee members, how much fabric to send, how to decide what block to go with, what mailing to use .... I do my best to answer but I am in NO means an expert! I though it would be more beneficial to everyone to start a "Quilting Bee 101" series in our group where everyone can add their own little tidbits of information & I'll do my best to keep it organized by subject matter so that it is easy to find an answer to a question you may have.

So far, the different posts in this series are:

-- Introduction
-- Bee Basics
-- Fabric
-- Mailing
-- Bee Mama & Papa Hints
-- Outside Resources
-- Helpful Hints

Along with our original 2 threads about Bees:

-- Master List of Virtual Quilting Bees (No longer being actively updated)
-- I Want In! List of Upcoming Virtual Quilting Bees

... this should be a pretty good collection of information!

Please please please add your own information, hints, tricks, secrets, insider information ;) that you've learned from being in one (or more!) of the many Quilting Bees out there right now. I hope everyone can learn something new, but I think this will especially be a great resource for a newbie Bee member - and remember, we were all newbies once!

Also - if you are the Mama or Papa of a bee - I'd love if you wanted to do a post in your discussions about our group - inviting your members to join and add their photos of blocks. That's the only way we can grow and keep showing all the hundreds of different blocks being made each month!

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