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manojsai says:

Thank you for the invite. All the best for this great group.
12:57AM, 9 September 2007 PDT (permalink)

Zoomix [deleted] says:

Thank you also for this group...

Thank you Dark hypp...

Nice to meet you...
Originally posted 116 months ago. (permalink)
Zoomix edited this topic 116 months ago.

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greta colpaert says:

And I would like to thank EleonoreIndra for the invite

Have a wonderful and colourful weekend

Grazie Mille

116 months ago (permalink)

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Hironori Nakamura says:

thanks for the invite:)
115 months ago (permalink)

dongraham1 [deleted] says:

Cyhyraeth, thank you so much for the invite.
98 months ago (permalink)

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mitumo says:

Thank you, Cyhyraeth, for the invitation!
97 months ago (permalink)

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Doha Dove On/Off says:

Cyhyraeth thank you so much for the invite.
Originally posted 95 months ago. (permalink)
Doha Dove On/Off edited this topic 95 months ago.

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ceca67 says:

Thank you for invitation.
95 months ago (permalink)

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Geir Yngve says:

Thanks for invite. looks like really great pictures inside :)
90 months ago (permalink)

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QuakaJaQ says:

Thank you for the invite to your group - I'm honoured - the standard of photos in the group pool are amazing :)
Originally posted 85 months ago. (permalink)
QuakaJaQ edited this topic 85 months ago.

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Arnfinn Lie, Norway says:

Thank you so much for the Invite, I'm honoured!
Must be one of the groups with most quality pictures on Flickr.
Great job!

Arnfinn Lie

(Cant find any logo, but comment on some of the pictures.)
76 months ago (permalink)

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號獃 H.D says:

This is the best team. Thank you for the invitation. Am honored to join here !
73 months ago (permalink)

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Ania.Photography says:

many thanks for the invite :o) greeting from New York.
69 months ago (permalink)

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