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Mc Shutter ADMIN October 21, 2007
The purpose of this group is to showcase the best of the best.
The emphasis is on QUALITY, and not on quantity.
If you're not willing to give a photo prominent space on a wall of your living room / salon, then don't invite it here.( And unless you live in Windsor Castle, wall space has a tendency to fill up rather quickly.)
This is not your average "invite as a nice gesture" Group.
Photos not meeting these high standards will be rejected, so be selective.

Group Description

IMPORTANT: Please read in entirety!
Revised September 22, 2007

This group is by invitation ONLY, and includes photos by invited members whose work is felt to exemplify beauty and technical skill, resulting in images of great QUALITY, and must have been viewed 5 or more times before being invited


Please remember that the purpose of this group is to serve as a showcase of unique quality ---- not quantity.

Some photos are quickly viewed more than 5 times because they are "eye catchers," but may be simply "sensational," "cute," or "clever" -- others, because they are "pornographic" (as defined by Flickr staff), or make a powerful "political statement." There are OTHER groups suitable for their inclusion, where they will be better appreciated.

To be eligible for inclusion, your photo must be INVITED by a member of the group, AND "FAVED" and TAGGED by that member as "QUALITY".

The comment
posted by the inviting member must also include the word "QUALITY" in caps on a separate line.

The photo must have 5 or more views before you leave an inviting comment.

Photos not meeting these requirements will be deleted.

Once you are an active member, you are urged to tag and invite others whose photos you believe meet these requirements. You may NOT invite YOUR OWN photos.

Let's make this a group of photos that have gained notice because of their QUALITY, and are likely to be enjoyed by and inspiring to all who view them.

While I realize that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," some of us may confuse beauty with "charming," or react emotionally to an image's appeal. This diversity of opinion is bound to increase as the Group grows; however, I will not allow the pool to stray from the stated goals of the Group, and shall reserve the right to delete any photo that I feel does not meet these standards.

If your photo is deleted, go through the checklist in the thread titled "Photo Removed?" as one or more of the required elements of invitation is probably missing. When ( if ) the missing element is corrected, you may re-post the photo. If your photo is removed twice, do NOT re-post it !

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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