Mrs.F 6:44pm, 24 December 2007
And my photos are super, super grainy. I'm pretty sad about it. I went back to look at the resolution I uploaded (my camera is a 10 megapixel and I thought my uploads were full sized) however, I've deleted the flickr set and can't go back and check on the Qoop site. I still have the photos, just took them down from flickr. I'm wondering if this was a flickr uploader issue? I specifically went with Qoop as I was hoping to get awesome quality photos. You can't revisit past projects on the website, eh? Anyway, advice on why this happened? I was going to do a mini-book but don't want the same result (and yes, I read the FAQs, but perhaps I missed something.)

Thanks! Man, am I disappointed.
shannkat PRO 9 years ago
Okay, signing in as my alter ego (the other is my flickr page for work) - I was in a hurry earlier. I went back and did some double checking. My photos are, sure enough, still on my flickr page and the original sizes are around 10.1 megapixels. I went back and did the internet crash course on picture size just to double check (for example, one of the pics I checked measure 3888x2592). If I understand correctly this should be more than adequate for a decent quality pic in a photobook. I did go through the "prints and more" drop down menu on the flickr site - and I did another quick walk through of creating the photobook on the qoop site and can't figure out what's wrong, unless of course by going through flickr a smaller size was uploaded to Qoop?

I've shown the photobook to several people who've made comments like "oh, the paper's not good" or "look, you can see the pixelation at the edge" or, worse still, "well, there's a couple of good pictures there..." (ouch). I also sentt a couple off to Costco for development (Costco!) of all places just to compare. What a difference.

I should take a picture comparing the picture with the photobook picture.

Qoop, can you help me out here?
qoop_hugh 9 years ago
Mrs F/shanncat:

I will definitely do some digging to see what happened here--you didn't by chance move any of the images around, or delete them, right after making the book, did you?

Sorry for the trouble--we'll get you a good one here eventually.
shannkat PRO 9 years ago
I may have moved them a bit, but I don't think so. They're still on my shannkat page in a set called Maui.
qoop_hugh 9 years ago

thanks--I'm still checking through your files. I'll get back to you via email.
shannkat PRO 9 years ago
Sent an email, did you receive it?
qoop_hugh 9 years ago

Sorry, to close the loop here--I responded on the 30th directly:

"I am sorry for what sounds like a defective book--I just checked your resolution and it was good--the average was 300 DPI which is what we suggest.

I am running a free reprint for you to see if we can't do better.

Thanks in advance for your patience."

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