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  • Looking for a lens cap for my black Canonet GIII

    I bought the camera from ebay, described as perfect condition. But it was not, s...

    silverywings2235 hours ago0 replies

  • film & scanner suggestions

    hello guys I think I'm ready to buy some films and actually try my dust-colle...

    zzzxtreme4 weeks ago4 replies

  • G-III country of manufacture?

    I just picked up a G-III at my local camera store, it's marked on the back plate...

    Shashin1685 weeks ago1 replies

  • Blue numbers

    What are the blue numbers 28, 20, 14 past the Auto stop on the aperture ring?

    AHC McDonald2 months ago4 replies

  • Help - Film roll problems

    problem solved. dont know how to delete this thing

    MarceloZacarias2 months ago0 replies

  • GL17 loose lens

    Hello there, While trying to unscrew an broken filter of the lens, i used too m...

    innst2 months ago1 replies

  • QL17 GIII Frame Counter Issue

    Hello all, I just got a QL17GIII and the frame counter is not working. I loaded...

    AtRiskStudios3 months ago0 replies

  • Light Leak

    Hi everybody.. :) just wondering if you've ever experienced a light leak on y...

    MarceloZacarias5 months ago1 replies

  • canonet CLA on east coast????

    Hey there, I'm new to the canonet scene and would like to have mine CLA'd. Canon...

    simpleman15 months ago2 replies

  • CLA

    Hi! I'm so happy to have found this group! I just contacted Mark Hama for ...

    boyinthebush5 months ago2 replies

  • Leather case for GIII

    Hi all, Anybody know where i could ordered a custom made bottom case (leather) ...

    kage-sama5 months ago10 replies

  • Just bought a non GIII, have a few questions

    I purchased a New QL17 with the 40mm 1.7 lens. Looking online everything seems t...

    George Buchholz6 months ago5 replies

  • .


    MarceloZacarias6 months ago0 replies

  • The sticky shutter issue..... any help appreciated!

    So I hope to be shooting on the street with my canonet but the shutter has spont...

    Denzelit6 months ago0 replies

  • Anyone Here From Germany???

    I kinda just moved here in Germany. It would be nice to have meet-ups with photo...

    Aran Modesto Photography6 months ago1 replies

  • New to GIII. have a few questions

    I've seen one in a local store, that appears to work correctly. questions: is...

    Shashin1687 months ago4 replies

  • Zone Focusing

    Hi guys just trying to grab some suggestions here on zone focusing for street...

    MarceloZacarias8 months ago2 replies

  • lens wobble?

    I just got my QL17, but the lens wobbles a little bit. not really visibly notice...

    George Buchholz8 months ago2 replies

  • Light meter system is broken?

    Hi! I've recently bought a QL17 and are having some issues with it. It's the...

    Simon Thellsson8 months ago7 replies

  • Couple of questions from a new owner

    Hi! I've just bought a Canonet GIII QL17 and I've got a couple of questions ...

    Simon Thellsson8 months ago2 replies

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