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  • Lens accessories for QL 17 G lll?

    Hello, does anybody know where to find filters, lens hood or other accessories f...

    Horseshoot3 days ago11 replies

  • black ql -17 giii for sale

    selling my black canonet, body is almost in like new condition, 0 visible marks ...

    gustavo gpg5 days ago10 replies

  • Film rewind assembly

    So I just got this canonet off of ebay. I've fixed the sticky shutter but the ot...

    froggyjeff3 weeks ago3 replies

  • Stiff/gritty focus ring

    Still shooting my first roll through the Canonet, but in the last few days the f...

    ankorides5 weeks ago0 replies

  • early 1965 QL17

    hi, I got this gift from a friend. Can't wait to get it fixed. I'm told it uses ...

    zzzxtreme2 months ago3 replies

  • ASA selector switch issue (or am I just a camera simpleton?)

    I just checked my Canonet and i observed something strange: The perforated diaph...

    deaf burglar (to bokeh or not to bokeh?)3 months ago2 replies

  • Timer moves freely, and shutter release won't make the camera fire

    Hey guy's, I've red a lot of posts about canonets not firing and i have the s...

    tbrouwer24 months ago6 replies

  • Where to get a CLA

    Anyone know anyone doing CLA's on these for a decent price? I am in the US.

    jddewitt4 months ago16 replies

  • WANTED: Viewfinder/Battery Check surround

    Hi guys, I know this is probably a long shot but I am able to pick up a QL17 ...

    paul hutchins5 months ago2 replies

  • Rewind issue.

    So I was rewinding the film and unscrewed the film rewind crank.. I screwed it b...

    KristenWithACamera5 months ago1 replies

  • problem rewinding back film...

    pfff.. don't know really how to explain that. First roll I use with my newly ...

    prozakc175 months ago2 replies

  • the asa lever

    Does anyone have a hard time changing the ASA on their camera or is it just me?

    clantry645 months ago4 replies

  • B&W film?

    I see some really nice fine-grain images posted here. I'm curious what black and...

    barryshap5 months ago4 replies

  • Anyone Here From Germany???

    I kinda just moved here in Germany. It would be nice to have meet-ups with photo...

    Aran Modesto Photography6 months ago0 replies

  • Scratched film QL 17

    I'm seeing scratched film. I ran a roll of Acros 36exp thru, the rewind was ti...

    tucumcari26 months ago7 replies

  • shutter release button jammed

    I got a ql17 giii off ebay recently and love it, but I keep gettiing this interm...

    Brownthing6 months ago6 replies

  • Off camera flash

    Hi everyone, Right now I have a short off camera PC-hot shoe cord that connec...

    jono.lardi6 months ago0 replies

  • Shutter button don't affect the shutter

    My problem is that the Canonet don't take photos after pressing shutter button. ...

    Rajfle7 months ago1 replies

  • CLA for Canon Canonet QL17 GIII Rangefinder camera

    I have been looking high and low for a good price for a CLA on my Canon Canonet ...

    janobles20027 months ago5 replies

  • Meter Stuck

    Hi guys! I just recently own QL17 GIII, and already experimenting with it usi...

    1/4:DI8 months ago4 replies

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