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How To Create A Mosaic

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BakkoBrats is a group administrator BakkoBrats says:

To make your own Purrfect Comparisons Mosaic, just go to Flickr Toys Mosaic Maker by clicking HERE. If you open it up in another tab or window, you can check back here for directions while you work.

When you are there, follow this example:

Choose a layout: Select SQUARE TILES.
Tile Size: LARGE Columns: 2 Rows: 1
Background & Border Colors: Your Choice.
Space Between Images: Suggest 7 pixels.

Choose how you would like to select images:
“Individual URLs” will enable you to pick photos from your own photostream.

NOTE: if this is your first time to ever make a mosaic, Flickr will erase your choices that you just made above when you give permission to Flickr to see your photostream. You will have to make your choices a second time. This is annoying, but it only happens when you have to grant permission. This step should be done first, but flickr has it in the middle. Also, if it has been a long time since you made a mosaic, Flickr might make you do this task again.

Enter the URL’s of Images You Want To Use:
Click the Blue Text to the right of the boxes and scroll through your photostream until you find the photo you want to show.
If this is your first time to make a Mosaic, Flickr will ask you some questions about how you wish to upload your images. Just choose what you like. When you are done selecting your two photos for Comparison Cats, click where it says “Create Mosaic”. You will then have the chance to Edit your Mosaic, or download it to your computer or upload it to your photostream where you can add it to this group.

Your first Mosaic will take you a few minutes to create, and the rest will be quick and easy in just a couple of minutes. I had never used Flickr Toys before, but I made my first Mosaic with no help in only 5 minutes.

Important note: The Mosaic photos tend to be cropped a little because Mosaic photos are square in shape, so choose with the subject in the center or make your photos square when you crop them. If you use a Landscape photo, Mosaic will chop a little from each side of your photo. If you use a Portrait photo, Mosaic will chop a little from the top and bottom.

Thanks For Joining Our Group!
Have fun, and be creative!

Originally posted at 12:26PM, 14 November 2006 PDT (permalink)
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