chrstphre PRO 9:34pm, 6 September 2008
i just recently discovered to my great horror
that the correct pronunciation of Kludge is : Kloo zsh...!!!

That does NOT sound in the least Kludgical...!!!
That sounds like a bob sledding activity for poorly coordinated children!

i had the same problem with Zine, the homemade magazine.
It is popularly pronounced Zeen, which i didn't like at all,
So i consistently spell it Zyne, and pronounce it to sound like Mine.

i have been pronouncing Kludge as Klud as in Thud,
And ge as gha, as in Fudge.
So it sounds like Fudge, with a Hard D.

That sounds much more Kludgical.
As if you were mispronouncing Fudgsicle as Fudgicle.

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