chrstphre PRO 5:11pm, 14 August 2008
A recent missive from Alison O'Donoghue wonders...

First of all, christphre, you are a very refreshing and funny guy that flickr and probably everywhere else you attend is benefited by having your stellar presence around....

Now my question.
I love your kludge idea,
but is the idea to SHOW kludge in the group or to
AVOID it at all costs.
I thought it was to show it,
but then I see people posting pretty art...
now why would they do that?
Will you personally clarify the groups purpose to me
so I'll know deep in my heart what it is really meant for?
Thank you so much.

And thanks for the groups,

Solution / Answer / Riposté

Kludge is as Kludge does.

Kludge; As represented in this Flickr group, is awful.
It is one of The Great Banes upon Western Civilization,
And we here at Pure Kludge are most concerned
with just making The Damp Masses aware of it—
As many people can Not even See It...!!!

Most humanimals are not even aware of the overhead Electrical
& High speed internet data cables that are filling our skys!

They are not aware of those ubiquitous water meters
That are carelessly attached to our homes
In the most egregious & unsightly places.

They are not aware that some 60 years ago,
Architects & Engineers adopted
The Horrible New Philosophy that is summarized as;
Form Follows Function,
Which allows them refute all the elemental ideologies
of Beauty & Elegance...
They believe with a conviction that only The Insane can Muster,
That The Truth of Functionality trumps
It's complimentary aspects of Aesthetics.

In some idealized world where
The Machines that Engineers created weren't Crap,
As they invariably are here,
This may have some modicum of accuracy.

But just look around; It's not working in this reality.
- - -

Cut to hysterical lunatic running along a highway shouting;
"Look to The Kludge, Look To The Kllllluuuuuuddddgggeee!"
- - -
proud frog [deleted] 10 years ago
Thank you for the clarification. I'm getting my camera and leaving the house now.
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