orange harmony [deleted] 4:43am, 13 October 2009
zapatos mary janes a solo 2 D 0 l a r 3 s XD
excepto los negros! 3 d 0 L A R 3 S
envio a cualquier parte del mundo 5 D 0 L a R e 5
les vienen bien tanto a blythe como pullip, dal y licca
Mary Janes

Flick mail ... si te interesa! XD

Shoes "Mary Jane" Like For your Doll Just For 2 D O lla r 5 XD, Except The Black Ones: 3 D 0 ll A r 5...

They Send U Any where in the world for 5 Dollars.
Compatible for Licca, Dal, Pullip & Blythe.
Flickr Mail if You're Interested.
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