New Contest!

PaigeInReaLife 9:38pm, 9 October 2011
As promised, our new contest will begin soon! I have not nailed down the specifics but the title will be "Calendar Girls (& Guys)".
The contest will include ALL MEMBERS OF THE PULLIP FAMILY. ^_^

As with our first contest, the prize will be a new, NRFB Pullip! To be eligible for the contest, you must sign up to participate in the first round. Those who do not post an entry to the first round will be excluded from the remainder of the contest. I have not decided the dates yet but will do it soon and post it in the group's discussion forum.

More to come soon!

Oooh, and I forgot: The bigger our group gets and the more entries we have for the contest, the bigger and better the prizes we will have . . . SO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS FOR A LOT OF FRIENDLY COMPETITION (and maybe more than one chance to win the grand prize)!! ♥
lori ♡ 6 years ago
Yay! *-* Do you have a date in mind, Paige? cuz I'm totally in!
PaigeInReaLife 6 years ago
That's awesome Lorena!! YaY! I think I will make sure it starts in October, with the first round lasting maybe until like maybe mid-December?? That way all who will sign up, will have the chance to be included before the first round ends. This one will be different than the first and will not so much "require" outdoor shots so the weather shouldn't have to be a factor if it is bad somewhere. ^_^

That makes me so happy! Thank you for responding! *O*
Ɲ¡ƙƙ¡ 6 years ago
I'm in <3 can't wait
PaigeInReaLife 6 years ago
Superfab Nikki! Me too!!! = D The last contest was so great that I can't even imagine how creative everyone will get to be this time!! = D
Signe★Who 6 years ago
I cant wait! :D
I'm in! Eee, I can't wait!
Bunny_Rina 6 years ago
I can't wait too *-*
Mundo Ara 6 years ago
I loved the news !!!*-*
Mundo Ara 6 years ago
Oh, I was wondering if Taeyang and Isula can participate! ^ _ ^
Litschii 6 years ago
Yaaaay can´t wait for it it´s going to be great *-*
I´m definately in ^-^
♥Sarah.♥ 6 years ago
Cant wait! :D
I'll be so happy to win - because then i know i'm creative, haha. XD<3
It sounds so exiting :D
Mademoisellelulu PRO 6 years ago
I'm in! I can't wait!!! Thank you for organizing this! :) PRO 6 years ago
I would love to participate!!
cecilie2424 6 years ago
I would love to be in this contest, sounds like a lot of fun :D
PaigeInReaLife 6 years ago
You are ALL so AWESOME! I am so happy to have a wonderful response such as this!! I will do my best to make the contest fun and interesting for you!

And Osmundo, YES TAEYANG AND ISUL are invited to this contest!! = D

Thank you everyone!
tomboy_sandee 6 years ago
Yay! I'm excited o.o I've barely taken photos of my dolls these past few months so it's great to have an excuse to get off my butt and get snapping! I just hope I'll have enough time because I've started university and the work is gradually piling up (but I joined the photographic society, so I can borrow their professional cameras if I ever need to!) But yes, I'm really really excited! And the theme sounds awesome; so unexpected and full of possibility! I just don't know whether I should use my Pullip or my Isul. That'll be a tough decision. But yay!
Just Mel & a Camera 6 years ago
I may enter again, but im not sure :) i dont really handle contests very well =P but i think its a fun idea<3
ZAWNBEE 6 years ago
Yay haven't been active in a while, but it gives me a reason to take pics of my girls :)
Lilanie 6 years ago
This sounds pretty exciting. :)
madebynini 6 years ago
I'm in too! I can't wait to read about the details.... *soooo excited now*
StrawberryPuddle 6 years ago
Ohhh I'm so excited!! Hope to hear more soon ^3^
-=Shiiro=- 6 years ago
OMG I'm totally in this time *-*
sadfawn 6 years ago
It sounds so fun! If I can make it I'm definitely in, the Maiden Voyage contest was so fun! ^_^

I was wondering, you said that there can only be one doll per photo - so I can't use other dolls as "props" in the background"
Abeille .. ♥ 6 years ago
Oh, I would love to entry this competition! ^___^
Even though I might not win, I would love to try. :D
PaigeInReaLife 6 years ago
Shoelack8: Hmmm, I hadn't really thought about it. I think on one hand, it's hard to have a celebration alone but on the other hand, if someone has an advantage by using more dolls in the background to make the party "more lively", that might not be a good thing or really fair. I will have to think about this one okay? ^_^
PS-I'm so happy you enjoyed Maiden Voyage and really hope this contest allows for as much fun and creativity! Thank you for joining in!

FOR EVERYONE: I am soooo excited that you are all looking forward to this. I've tried to come up with ideas that will have much possibility and I really hope you all enjoy yourselves! <3
I LOVED the last contest, and i know I'll defenitely love this one, so i am SO entering! = D Thanks for doing another fun contest, Paige! ^______^
Kazthenoodle 6 years ago
Yayyyyyyy!! So excited!! XD
.:Toxic~Tears:. 6 years ago
a contest+me haveing no life= me wonting to join the fun ^o^ im in!
♥ɱermayd PRO 6 years ago
Yeah I was wondering the same thing as Shoelack8!
This sounds like tons of fun!
spoonfullofcyanide 6 years ago
I can't wait ^ - ^ But just one question... Have you decided if you will let people use other pullips in the picture? Just wondering what kind of pic I need to be doing :]
PaigeInReaLife 6 years ago
Hey, my fear is that it would make it unfair if people use more than one doll because not everyone has more than one doll but I guess it's not really a party when you're alone.

Amy Lilley 6 years ago
Hey, do you know the date on round one entry deadlines? It is mid-Jan now >_<
Thank you for this awesome competition :) xx
PaigeInReaLife 6 years ago
I think I'm gonna extend until the first week in Feb. There are around 100 people who have signed up but only 20ish that have actually posted. I really want it to be a competition, not just put people through because there weren't enough entries. ^_^
Hope this makes sense. <3
karinscustomworks 6 years ago
thanks cause I don't have the time and if you extend the time this week I can take the pic!! <3
Amy Lilley 6 years ago
Thank you for letting me know :) that seems fair, I actually keep checking the thread as I'm excited to see all of the new entries! X
PaigeInReaLife 6 years ago
There will be no further extensions. If you do not post an entry for the first round, you will be excluded from the rest of the contest.
Hopefully enough people actually post their entries . . .
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