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Puget Sound Partnership ADMIN July 11, 2013
Beautiful summer colors, and Puget Sound! (What could be more picturesque?) But, don't forget when it does rain, that water + solid surfaces = a lot of urban runoff. Help us capture what's really going down [the drain] around Puget Sound. It's not just water . . .

Please consider what kind of Licensing to add to your photos. We suggest "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License" (This will allow us to feature your photography in presentations, websites, publications, etc).

Group Description

What’s wrong with the Sound?
Puget Sound’s beauty belies its problems. On any given day, you can look out onto the Sound, and see spectacular views for miles.

But we know there are serious problems:
• Puget Sound orcas are the most contaminated whales in the world.
• Shellfish beds are closed because their harvests are unsafe to eat.
• Beaches are off limits because they are unsafe for swimming.
• The list of Puget Sound species that are threatened or endangered is long and,
without action, likely to grow.

Visuals vital in articulating problems
One of the reasons many don’t know that Puget Sound’s health is failing is because we don’t often see what the problems are. We take its on-the-surface beauty for granted.

And people, understandably, are more inclined to capture the Sound’s splendor photographically than they would be to take a not-so pleasant picture. Unfortunately, that only contributes to a lack of awareness of the problem.

Help change the Sound’s fate
Our task is ambitious, and we can’t achieve a healthy Puget Sound without your involvement!

Help us educate the public about what’s plaguing the Sound. Help us shed light on this “silent crisis.”

Send us your photos that illustrate Puget Sound’s problems.


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Welcome new members, and thank you for joining the Puget Sound "Silent Crisis" group.
We're building an outstanding collection of photographs, and we look forward to your contributions. Please make sure you have carefully read and agree to all the group rules before posting photographs.


ECO Net (Education, Communication & Outreach Network) is a Puget Sound-wide network that will build and strengthen relationships among organizations working on building public awareness, public involvement and environmental education.

Rather than a “top-down” initiative, this network will be a collaboration, drawing on the combined experience and community-level knowledge of existing networks and efforts.
Learn more about ECO Net

Photographs containing several people at educational and community events that do not single out one particular individual fall into the “fair use” category and can be used for educational, research, news reporting or public interest pieces. All photos containing one and/or specific individuals must be accompanied by a model release. A Partnership model release is available at or by contacting if you do not have your own. Please email completed releases to provides a great tutorial on when and why a model release is needed.

Group Rules

Photos SHOULD be at least 2.5 Megapixels/2.5 Million Pixels.

Photos may NOT be upsized.

Photos must NOT include recognizable brands.

Photos must NOT include any copyrighted materials. This includes but is not limited to, paintings, another copyrighted photo, logos, art, advertisements, sculptures, and exhibits.

Photos must NOT include any nudity.

Photos must be wholly owned and created by the submitter.

Any Photos containing identifiable humans MUST be accompanied by a model release. Please keep a copy of your model release on file. I hereby confirm that I have obtained permission to use the photographed minor’s or individuals photograph(s) in its photograph.

If you do not have your own model release, a Partnership model releases is available at or by contacting Please email the completed release to

Any Photos containing identifiable children MUST be accompanied by a model release from a parent or guardian. I hereby confirm that I have obtained permission to use the photographed minor’s photograph(s) in its photograph.

Photos should not include any X-rated content, violence, or other illegal content (USA law.)

Your Photos may NOT include any copyrights embedded or displayed.

I hereby grant permission to the Puget Sound Partnership and the Foundation for Puget Sound 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) to use my photograph in its appropriate general and/or multiple purposes with credit provided. I understand that the photographs(s) may be used in a publication (e.g., reports, newsletters, brochures) or in electronic media (e.g., PowerPoint, CD-ROM or web site). I understand that my photography may be distributed to outside agencies or media for promotional purposes. I acknowledge the Partnership’s right to reasonably crop or treat the photograph. I give this consent with no claim for payment.

I also understand that the Partnership will take every precaution to protect my image(s) if it/they are posted on its Web site, the image can potentially be downloaded by any computer user. Therefore, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless from any claims the following:

All employees of the Puget Sound Partnership
All employees of the Foundation for Puget Sound 501 ( c ) ( 3 )
State of Washington
Puget Sound Partnership and Council members and their staff.
Foundation for Puget Sound 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) and Council members and their staff.

By joining the group I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the group rules for the Puget Sound “Silent Crisis” Photo Challenge. I understand it is my responsibility to supply my full name and contact information to the Puget Sound Partnership. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the Partnership of any changes to my information. I also understand that if contact information is not supplied my Flickr screen name will be used as the photo credit. Please submit your Flickr screen name, and full name to

I hereby confirm that I have obtained permission to use the photographed minor’s or individuals photograph(s) in its photograph. I have the legal right to consent to and do consent to the terms and conditions above.

We reserve the right to reject and refuse any photo at any time for any reason.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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