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Originally posted at 11:47am, 14 July 2006 BST

The aim of PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED! is to build the best group of professional and professionally-minded (ie. unpublished but imminently 'publishable') photographers that Flickr has to offer...AND THEN TO PUT THEIR WORK IN FRONT OF EDITORS.

In the 3 weeks that the group has been running we have already made incredible headway:

1) SEVEN P&bD! correspondents have already been short-listed to provide images for a coffee-table book on world travel. (There is still time for others to apply - see the Extreme World discussion threads).

2) We're beginning to 'put the word out' to picture editors (I personally have regular dealings with about 30) about a 'network of professional photographers who could be their first stop in image searches or assignments for destinations all over the world.'

3) We're inviting more talented members in - and even beginning to recruit from outside Flickr (established photographers who can boost our potential to supply what editors need, while at the same time increasing our credibility).

We have already built a great base of talent here from many parts of the world, including US, South America, Singapore, Holland, Spain, China, Japan, Australia, India, France...

The PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED! masterplan - 'world domination' - begins to look ever more achievable!
Originally posted 4 weeks ago.

Thanks for the support Boaz and Will - and others who have emailed to say how inspired they have been by the potential in this group.

If anyone else doubts the potential here just take an hour or two to have a scout around the photostreams of a few of the 'correspondents' here and you'll soon realise that you are in extremely GOOD company!

PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED! is still less than a month old and I think we have one of the best overall collections of talent on Flickr. We have a few photographers who already work for worldclass media everywhere from US, to India, to Africa, to South America and we have unpublished photographers with such vision and style that it can only be a matter of time before they are regularly selling to editors.

Several of you will have been contacted with requests for images for the much-discussed book and just yesterday I passed on another commission from a good magazine for a Costa Rica feature (it's been a while since I was there - overdue for a return!).

I hope the established photographers with connections will remember their colleagues here when requests come in that they are unable to supply. I genuinely think we have a long way to go together.
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