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annie.manning {paint the moon} ADMIN May 21, 2012
Notice! I had to make the tough decision to close the group due to non-participation. :( :( :( I'm leaving the group up and encourage members to come post your photos in the regular Let's Do 52 group ... there are no age requirements to join us! :)

Group Description

Kids never cease to amaze me. They are often wise beyond their years and see the world from a vantage point we taller humans aren't fortunate enough to see.

Upon asking my six year old if she would like to participate in the Paint the Moon "Let's Do 52" project, she amazed me by suggesting we do a kids only "Let's Do 52." Apparently she thinks that besides herself (her words) there are some great kid photographers out there, so they should have their own 52 week photo project all to themselves. I immediately agreed with her. So, starting this week, we are starting the "Let's Do 52. Kids Click Too!"

This project is for kids and by kids (yes, I'll be moderating). Basically the same rules apply as the adults group ... with twists for the younger set and themes picked by my daughters and other kid members of the group. There will be challenges throughout the year as well as a few fun games with prizes as well to keep it even more exciting for the kids.

Photography is obviously a passion of mine and I am thrilled to be able to share this passion with my little girls. In this group our kids can grow in their confidence level behind the camera, learn about photography and camera basics and most of all - HAVE FUN!! I'm hoping this will be an inspiring source to help in bringing parents and kids together to go on this exciting journey together ... and you just might find that with their new found skills behind the camera that they are much happier actually being in front of the lens when it comes time for you to do your own shooting.

I hope you join us!

A few basic guidelines and pointers ...

• We'll have fun themes every week (two to choose from), but you can choose whether to follow along with the theme or go on your own.

• Post a photo each week ... and feel free to join us at any time! This is about fun and encouraging kids to start learning the art and science of photography, so while we encourage a photo a week, let's keep our little budding photographers from burning out if they decide they aren't up to the job one week here and there. Please

• Whatever you use to take photos for your project, it's up to you. And no special processing necessary.

• Images will need to be approved first, so there may be a slight lag in the time you see it pop up in the pool.

• Photos may be used on the Paint the Moon blog as a Pick of the Week. Please include any information you want included in case we feature your photo.

• Be sure to keep checking in on the Paint the Moon blog for articles, inspiration and the weekly themes (for kids by kids ... the Kids Click Too group will have their own themes and challenges)!

Invite all your friends to come join us too ... especially with those who have children with a passion for photography or a desire to teach their kids about photography! The more we can get to support and inspire one another the better ... pros and amateurs alike. So share the info via your favorite social networks, blogs, Twitter, etc. because the more we get to play along the more fun we'll all have!

• If there is a special meaning behind your child's image please share it ... let's hear their stories! Encourage them to open up and talk about why they took a certain photo and why they love it.

Group Rules

• One photo a week ... must be taken by the child, under the ages of 18 please. You may follow our themes of the week (pick which one you like best) or go on your own for the subject.

• You may post the images from your account and just make sure to list the photographer's age, etc or you may set up their own profile (please check Flickr policies on ages - I'm not sure on this).

• Please take a brand new photo just for the project. Digging through old photos to post just doesn't let us grow and have fun. :)

• It doesn't matter what you use for your camera (even an iPhone, etc. is fine) - just try to stretch creativity and have fun with it.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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