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annie.manning {paint the moon} ADMIN September 15, 2014
Please see the discussion thread for an announcement! :) Thank you!!

Group Description

Lifestyle photography is a term that gets thrown around a lot and one that happens to have a bit of a different meaning depending on the photographer you are talking to. But, in it's essence, it is the capturing of real life moments - genuine expressions, most often candid without the subject knowing the photo was being taken, no posing or fake smiles, taken candidly in most cases and often the subject is caught up in their own world, unaware you and the camera are even there. It's the recording of precious details that pass us by everyday, and are often those little things that we look back on in later years and think, "Oh my goodness, I remember when ..." It's an interaction, an expression or emotion, the way we live and laugh and love. In future years these photos will be something to look back at and treasure, to remind us of the real moments and to tell our story to future generations.

As someone who took up photography in order to capture the beauty in every day life, I'm excited to see that more and more photographers are embracing lifestyle photography. This project is for those who want to preserve and capture all those memories that are so important to us personally ... and it's about your life, so there really are no rules. But there are some tips that may help you along the way as well as plenty of examples found on the Paint the Moon blog. But first I'll explain a little about the project "This Is My Life" and how things will work. Simple. That is my goal for this project ... no complicated guidelines or instructions.

There will be a prompt or idea every week for those who find it beneficial or challenging to have something specific to shoot in their project, but for those who simply want to venture out on their own and record the moments that matter to them regardless of the theme I wholeheartedly invite you to do so. Everyone is welcome - you don't have to be a pro, you don't even have to shoot with a DSLR to join, and you don't need to use any Paint the Moon products to participate (although the images picked to be featured on the blog will be those that used PTM in their editing).

Members will post their images here in the new Flickr group for This Is Our Life ... every Monday you'll find the new prompt up on the Flickr group page (found inside the gray box). Have your submissions for the week posted before Sunday evening please. Yes, this means the first week of the year will be a short one - so it may be a challenge to get that first one in, but we'll all be warmed up and ready to tackle the rest of the year!

I will be doing blog posts here featuring images from the group to show off some of our member's photos (to be included in the featured images blog posts please use Paint the Moon products in the edit, otherwise that is not required for any member's submissions or participation). Please submit only one photo per week (unless you are doing the regular Let's Do 52 project as well). Sometimes it's a challenge to pick our favorite as the photo of the week, but I find that is part of how we grow and learn as well.

Everyone is welcome ... join anytime!

• Post a photo each week ... and feel free to join us at any time! And, please, this is supposed to be fun ... so no beating yourself up if you miss a week!

• Whatever you use to take photos for your project, it's up to you. And no special processing necessary (unless you are posting on the Facebook wall or would like a chance at starring on the blog, then you're encouraged to use PTM products for processing).

• Images will need to be approved first, but barring nudity or any less than savory content we should have no problems.

• Photos may be used on the Paint the Moon blog or Facebook page Please include any information and/or links you want included in case we feature your photo, including if you've used Paint the Moon actions or textures in your editing (though not required).

• Be sure to keep checking in on the Paint the Moon blog and Facebook page for articles, inspiration and the weekly themes!

• Invite all your friends to come join us too ... especially with those who have a passion for photography! The more we can get to support and inspire one another the better ... pros and amateurs alike. So share the info via your favorite social networks, blogs, Twitter, etc. because the more we get to play along the more fun we'll all have!

• If there is a special meaning behind your image please share it ... let's hear your stories!

Come browse and encourage one another and gain inspiration. And most of all - have fun!!

Our regular Let's Do 52 group will be starting fresh for 2013 as well for those interested in participating there as well ( You may choose to do both projects or just one. And with both projects you can choose to follow the themes/prompts or do your own thing with the subject of your weekly photos.

Group Rules

• Submit one photo per week or theme (if you missed a week you are welcome to catch up by posting a couple images for the weeks missed as well).

• Please take fresh images for the weekly project ... posting older images that just happen to fit the week's theme isn't going to help us grow and create new memories, so please play along with us and capture new images.

• Please remember to tag your image with the week it's for ... so, for week one it would be 1/52 and so on.

• Please list Paint the Moon actions or products you've used on your image (not at all a necessity to join or post) ... those images may be picked to star on the Paint the Moon blog! :)

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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