FoCo Photog 3:27am, 3 January 2006
I think there is a lot of oppurtunity and an equal challenge to this one, I'm eager to see what you come up with.
Scientific deliriums 11 years ago
Some hair would be great!

azzidforce 11 years ago

FoCo Photog 11 years ago
ah, sweet that's awesome, keep going!
SvenSchwarz 11 years ago

Next Station: Atlantis!
gazraa 11 years ago
SvenSchwarz 11 years ago
much better - now the wrong water perspective is not confusing any more! :-)
gazraa 11 years ago

Eat the Rich Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Eat the Rich (member) 11 years ago
train Games
Wild Mutant things express
gazraa 11 years ago
Eat the Rich 11 years ago
whispering aliens
Alien whispers - Sorry Couldnt resist another one.
gazraa 11 years ago
hehehe great stuff.... just out of sync (sp?)

is anyone else playing?
SvenSchwarz 11 years ago
hmm... the last pic ist way cool :-) - but killed the game (see rules) :-(
FoCo Photog 11 years ago
Here's what we can do, there can be two versions of the shot and the game. If anyone would like to contribute a photoshop tennis 'play' to either variation, so be it. But do keep going!
JRR PRO 11 years ago
semath1 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by semath1 (member) 11 years ago
hm, cuz it deserves explaining, the dude in the photo is a friend of mind... and i realized that if this lobby wasn't dead, i probably kinda hit it outta bounds. my bad. but i had done it and i didn't want it to go to waste so i posted it. if this ball is still in play and it is determined that mine is out of bounds, just ignore it and go around it. or use it. whatever.
FoCo Photog Posted 11 years ago. Edited by FoCo Photog (member) 11 years ago
yeah... completely out of bounds. Go read the rules. If anyone is still interested, play off of JRR's last post.
gazraa 11 years ago

lets get things back on track.

eye eye
FoCo Photog Posted 11 years ago. Edited by FoCo Photog (member) 11 years ago
What are you doing? Did you even read the rules before you threw that crap up there? What were you thinking? In the world of photoshop tennis any 6 year old can play with the liquify tool and throw their email over it. Don't play my post again. I'm disgusted. Also you can't put a copyright image, I haven't given you that right, so, take it off.
gazraa 11 years ago
well said. it's pretty much spam!
wlauber 9 years ago
Doxieone PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Doxieone (member) 9 years ago
PicArt by Mike PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by PicArt by Mike (member) 8 years ago
misshollyj1 8 years ago
haha thats cool!
Byte-Size Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Byte-Size (member) 8 years ago
And coming up from the rear is Enzo Ferrari in his latest all-terrain vehicle!

Photoshop Tennis Game 008

Large image:
orovillesue PRO 8 years ago
Chexjc 8 years ago
Chexjc 8 years ago
Super Rabbit One PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Super Rabbit One (member) 8 years ago
Game 008 : Mutant Fish

This is my first go at PS Tennis
Chexjc 8 years ago
Philip Rivard [deleted] 8 years ago
Great shot Jessica.
Silencer_ [deleted] 8 years ago
i cant get the first pic.... it wont let me save it.
Silencer_ [deleted] 8 years ago
NVM ... i got the second one :D
Silencer_ [deleted] 8 years ago
sammo450 8 years ago
this one has really got out of hand
sammo450 8 years ago
fowl_mike 8 years ago
This game seems to be the longest-running game in PSTennis history.
WhineAndDine  [deleted] 8 years ago
what is that outside the window? and agreed, truly gotten way out of hand LOL. but keep em comming.
sammo450 8 years ago
The blurry hting outside the window is a Hawker Tempest. Perhaps I overdid the motion blur slightly.
nacnudnosrehtam 8 years ago
WhineAndDine  [deleted] 8 years ago
ya you cant even tell what it is.
stylish kev 1 8 years ago
Thought I'd put Fishy back in the water

PS tennis 008 Mutant fish
Large one
The*Archivist 8 years ago
Since we are going surreal, thought I would add the "Men in Black" factor...

PSTennis Game 008

Mildly large here....
stylish kev 1 8 years ago
Now we're going surreal!?!?!

have a look 8 or 9 photos from the beginning.

Although saying that good add :)
Peregrino69 8 years ago
The*Archivist 8 years ago
Nice touch adding the previous 'out-of-bounds' picture as the author's portrait.

Good add...
Ruby.W. 8 years ago
Peregrino69 8 years ago

Dropped from my chair seeing this :-D
Ruby.W. 8 years ago
Ty Peregrin. I spent a ton of time on that dang mess!
ericreyes_th 8 years ago
-murilo- 8 years ago
back to the mutant fish :

Photoshop Tennis Game 008 Mutant Fish

original size here
Peregrino69 8 years ago
Gr8 :-) I thought this thread already died :-)
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