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Hi Everyone! There are AWESOME photos coming in!

We are working to make the group more "user friendly" so until then:

Please remember to try and edit your submissions to the group, that way we can enjoy everyone's photos. Also, don't forget to comment, like, and/or tag the ones you like!


PS. For now, we have a badge here { } to view most viewed photos!


  • PKL 2012

    Hey folks! Don't forget to post your best and favorite photos from the games!

    Julie .....88 months ago0 replies

  • Here's the deal with Posting PIcs... Curate.

    I was toying with the idea of "CURATING" this flickr pool to contain photos that...

    Julie .....99 months ago6 replies

  • What's the deal with posting pics?

    I recall someone saying there were too many pics, right? Should I add all the si...

    Mellomyman100 months ago7 replies

  • API Key for the website

    Hey Guys, Ben Doherty here - I'm helping to set up the new website, and want ...

    Sanguine Sam104 months ago5 replies

  • more coming...

    I have more pics from 8/14 PKL . but a lot went on this weekend, so the rest mi...

    chloe & ivan110 months ago1 replies

  • Mid-Season & Nick a Nees party

    Mine are up, I saw other cameras out there! Fun day, very hot, & my, doesn't ev...

    chloe & ivan111 months ago1 replies

  • PKLORG tag

    So, what's all this, then? Should I be tagging my kickball pics with PKLORG? Is...

    Mellomyman111 months ago5 replies

  • Sat June 12

    pics starting to roll in, please tag your names! In the tags, or in the comme...

    chloe & ivan112 months ago0 replies

  • pics from Sat June 6 are up,

    There are more, but it is late. I'm done. Fun day everyone!

    chloe & ivan112 months ago0 replies

  • top 10 pics?

    Is it possible to look at an assortment of the most popular photos in the group?...

    Ninjuh Please113 months ago10 replies

  • pics from signups 2010

    here they come. I tried to represent every team, please help tag them with th...

    chloe & ivan113 months ago1 replies

  • An Open Letter to the Moderator (Hi, Julie!)

    Hi Julie. Eddie (Cuzzin' Merl) here. FIrst time commenter, long time member. A f...

    Mellomymanages ago1 replies

  • Hells YEAH!

    You guys are doing a great job uploading pics!

    Julie .....ages ago0 replies

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