The Church Collector PRO 7:10pm, 19 September 2005
I notice that 2 of the 3 photos I selected at random had only been viewed 13 and 4 times respectively. It annoys me when people clearly disregard the rules.

I imagine that it takes more than a visit every 2 or 3 days to police this group as it is so large and wondered if Serrano had thought of enlisting some help. I installed a couple of admin helpers in the Churches group and it works really well?

I am sure some of the regular posters would love to help.

Just a thought.
Rafael Peñaloza 13 years ago
I agree, I really hate that people disregard the rules. Rules are there for a reason, and if they don't like them, nobody forces them to stay in the group.
It is such a pity that a group admin has to become a police, verifying what is posted in the pool.
That is the reason I stoped making or administrating groups: all the fun goes away by trying to keep it clean.
The Church Collector PRO 13 years ago
here here

If the rules don't suit you then create a group that does. The rules make posting a game and therfore enriches my flickr experience and I for one like that, this is why I like groups with RULES.
Dandelion Salad PRO 13 years ago
A suggestion to the admin here: post the rules instead of asking ppl to read them in the title of the group.

*PROMOTION* (>25 v; 0 faves) or something like this.

Also, where is the admin? Maybe he could use some help as The Church Collector mentioned in the first post.
Michael Nagel 13 years ago
Maybe HipBot can offer his valuable automated services to reduce workload for the admins?
Amie V 13 years ago
The title did used to have the rules in it, but then it was changed. I noticed that people haven't been sticking to the one per day rule either, even though that is repeated several times in the rules.
Asten 12 years ago
The administrator should be able to set the group to only allow one per day now... flickr added this feature recently.

There are some folks who just can't follow simple rules :(
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