wendie7 3:55am, 27 August 2005
What did I miss? Why is the group closing???
noa m 13 years ago
yeah, why close such an active group?
apolci PRO 13 years ago
Noo, please don't close this group
Merodema 13 years ago
surprise here too... why?
Stewart Leiwakabessy PRO 13 years ago
Closed as in 'closed and deleted' or 'closed for new members - on invite only'
NaSiUdUk PRO 13 years ago
I see no reason to close this group.
No! Say it ain't so!!! I love browsing through this pool ... I've found some gems here, both photos and nice contacts! Please, don't close this pool!!!! : ((
tonypreece 13 years ago
There is no need to close a group. If you don't want to run it any more, simply promote another member to admin and leave the group yourself.
Wolfy PRO 13 years ago
Adding my vote - please find another admin if you don't want to admin it yourself.
Hi, no administrator may close a group if there are still members in it. The group can't close even if the administrator quits. A group closes when all members quit.

I think this message of the group closing next Monday means that the group will be by invitation. But I am not sure.
uberschnapp PRO 13 years ago
doooh, one of my favourite groups, why?
faw 13 years ago
que pasoooooo?
ALittaM PRO 13 years ago
If it's going to be by invitation only it's ok... please don't close it, I really like this group.
apolci PRO 13 years ago
I don't understand. Now the "closing on monday" title is gone and all seams the same (still public group).

What's happened?
Amie V 13 years ago
I must've missed something, too...
clarisel 13 years ago
A mystery.
smenzel PRO 13 years ago
Could it have been a ruse to garner enthusiasm from the group's membership? :)
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