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Shares are documents confirming the ownership and legitimate interests of holders of shares for assets or capital stock of the company . When owning shares , you will become a shareholder of that company . Stock that is traded part of that company values ​​obtained for each time the value of the ballot will increase or decrease , ng` stock will be based on n ~ varies from market to buy or sold for profit . Value of shares is always controversial issue , not only in Vietnam but also markets in other markets around the world . The following article by the authors to contribute a part in defining and distinguishing between different conceptions of value , and how to identify them . Buy stocks to do if seven years is a long term investment losses , traders and losses ? And if this question hanging on cash flow will relay to withstand market ? Ask why people indifferent to stock ? Just asked repeatedly why the stock as an investment channel beyond the choice of many people when they have spare cash and attempted to buy gold , foreign currency , savings , or buy real estate ? Once the agency can not answer that question , how the stock to fulfill the role and responsibility of it as a channel to mobilize capital for the economy. stock prices 6145
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