alan knr. 5:57pm, 19 July 2005
I have added 3 pics to the pool. Can someone explain why each one has been marked with a cross which highlights to read "remove this photo from the pool". All three satisfied the rules.
cowfish 13 years ago
The cross is to allow you to remove your photos from the pool if you wish. It happens to every photo you add to any pool.

However, the rule is to only add one picture per day to the pool in this group (see the group title) - I can only find one of your photos in the pool, so I don't know if you did add more than one on the same day, but even so that wouldn't have done anything apart from maybe called down an admin on you :)

Hope that helps.
alan knr. 13 years ago
Thankyou for the explanation. I am still puzzled as to why no other pic. in th group is marked with a cross. Incidently my pics. were added on different days.
aze op 13 years ago
no other pics are marked with a cross because they are not yours and therefore you are not allowed to.
each person sees the cross for his own pics....
hope this helps
alan knr. 13 years ago
Thanks, that explains everything!
I should have thought of that.
* No. Pip, no!!! 13 years ago
We have to thank very much to aze op and to cowfish for having answered the questions of grandad knock.

Everyone knows that, unfortunately, you cannot dedicate all day to fickr. :-P

So thanks for your help.

To grandad knock: Don't worry about asking, any other doubt you know you can post it here.

Greetings to everybody.

Ana and Santiago (admins).
aze op 13 years ago
no worries!
what's the need of thanking so much? everyone will need help once or more...!!!
ciao, Ana and Santiago :)
* No. Pip, no!!! 13 years ago
Greetings to you too aze op :-D
eddie hoo 13 years ago
sorry for uploading several photos with less than 25 views. I forgot the rule.
* No. Pip, no!!! 13 years ago
Don´t worry, it´s ok.

Keep on posting. Greetings.
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