* No. Pip, no!!! 7:05pm, 16 July 2005
eclectic echoes PRO 13 years ago
Because only 1 in three people read the group directions?

Sorry don't mean to be sarcastic, but many people join groups then shoot all their images into every group even if they do not belong at all...

Discouraging at times.
Dandelion Salad PRO 13 years ago
When I was visiting the pool pics a couple of days ago I noticed many with only 4 or 5 or 6 views, certainly not 25 and over. ??? That's harder for the admins to do clean up, but maybe a reminder would help so those who posted can delete their own?

Good luck with this group.

I really like the idea.
Sol Dust Love 13 years ago
I think i got it right +25 views... no favorites... add someone in pool as favorite. Question: Almost immediately that photo became someones favorite (thanks to your idea)... Should I leave it in pool, or remove it? It may be better if we remove them... what do you all think?
giant stitch [deleted] 13 years ago
Great Group idea ...
If you have just "promoted/favoured" a picture in the group ... add to the comments, It's up to the owner to remove and post into another group ie .
1-5 favourites and so on ...
just an idea ...
caitlinburke PRO 13 years ago
I don't really like adding group-specific tags to a picture. I think it's at best redundant, at worst just kind of weird. The picture's page says what group it's in, and you can search on all the pix in a group by, you know, going to the group pool.
.ruzz 13 years ago
I agree. I think it's going too far to tag for groups. And if you sit and ask yourself what the point of doing it is, well.. i'm just not sure.

but on top of that, there are all these micro-groups with 5-10 rules a peice and it gets really hard to keep track of the restrictions on each group.

this is humans doing computers work. Flickr admins should wake up and smell the possibilities on this. Why can't your group just be greyed out when i've met my requirements for the day, or automatically tagged when i add it.

in any case, most of us do our best against mounting restrictions and a myriad of groups. I prefer to see it as a losing struggle rather than the more cynical sarcastic view.
We have to thank everybody for commenting on this topic. All the comments are very intelligent.

We have thought about the tag promotion and we've decided to remove the rule from this group. We hope there are less restrictions and people find it easier to post their photos in the group. We thought it could be easier to find all the photos if they had the tag, but now this won't be necessary.

It's true that people doesn't read the rules. Today we had to erase more than 16 photos from the same person...

It's true that it's hard to control that the photos posted have at least the 25 views, but we're working hard to do it well ^_^

Another thing to comment is to say that when your photo reaches a favourite or more it doesn't have to be removed from the pool. This consists in promote our photos, not only to achieve favs. :-)

Again, thanks for the support you've brought to this group, and we hope that you keep participating a lot!!!

Enjoy the photos!!!

Ana & Santiago (admins).
.ruzz 13 years ago
responsive admins go a long way ;)
* No. Pip, no!!! 13 years ago
Thank you .lush. We have to be it :-)
amusings 13 years ago
I'm glad I read all the discussion points before posting. I was all confused as to why some had the tag promotion and some did not.

Right then. I think I understand the rules fully and am ready to post my first picture.

Seems like an understanding and supportive group. Nicely admin'ed. If that can be a verb.
awesome slope [deleted] 13 years ago
This is certainly one of the best groups and one of my most favorite.
best shop [deleted] 12 years ago
I like this idea, and fair and reponsive admins go a long way - right, have now posted my first one.
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