ingridf_nl 2:02pm, 15 July 2005
Someone marks your photo as a favorite, or if you mark someone else's photo as a favorite?
kevsexotics 13 years ago freshly favourited pictures have to be removed from the pool ? Or should the person favouriting add a tag of some kind ?
OringeJellow 13 years ago
I don't think it matters after the fact..because the one I posted had no fav and now it has one.....kewlies

add the tag'promotion' to your selected photo. It needs at least 25 views and no fav at the time you send to the group...if it's favorited after posting in group...well there ya go.....done deal :)
I noticed photos with fewer than 25 viewings being posted in here. Is it reasonable to mention to that person what they've done (it seems as though it's easy to overlook with the odd photo)?

I certainly didn't mind being very politely told in another group that I'd posted a square photo when the rules said rectangles only.

What do people think?
* No. Pip, no!!! 13 years ago
When your photo has been marked as a fave, it can remain in the pool.

Ana & Santiago (Admins.)
* No. Pip, no!!! 13 years ago
To DR S.

Every detected photo in the pool that doesn't fulfil the rules, the photographer if given an advice (in the tag) asking him to read the rules and the photo is deleted.

Ana & Santiago (Admins).
wester 13 years ago
shouldn't there be a point where a photo has to be removed, say when it reaches 10 faves? I saw a photo with 23 favs in here, that seems to defeat the purpose of this group a bit.
timpppa 13 years ago
this is not so serious!
the main thing is that you get some audience for your pics, if you think it's good and it hasnt been notised!
* No. Pip, no!!! 13 years ago
The only condition to post photos here is that they don't have favs before they are posted here, and that it has a minimum of 25 views. If you achieve favs when the photo is posted here, better, but not when you get what you want you have to remove the photo.

If we take into account that if a photo has favs before being posted then we erased it from the pool.

If you have seen any photo that doesn't fufil the rules, you have to consider that we're only two admins and we're not all day at home.

I remember a photo which had 23 favourites. It has already been removed from the pool.

Amie V 13 years ago
I just have to say that the new description in the group title really should help people avoid overlooking the rules. Very eye-catching! :)
Delicate 2lmasa ! 13 years ago
i don`t think it matters....cuz after its blogged here its marked and not b4!
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