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evilibby January 25, 2012
Let's chew on life's big questions together!

Please feel free to follow the various challenges in whatever order you see fit, and above all enjoy yourself!

This group discussion is for members only.

Group Description

SoulPancake is a movement to chew on life's big questions. It's a space to tackle art, philosophy, creativity, and spirituality, and ultimately, soulpancake is about you - the thinkers, artists, poets and misfits who seek to stamp out stigmas, shake up truths, and redefine what it means to be human.

Inspired by the SoulPancake movement, this group will tackle 52 weeks of challenges found in the SoulPancake book to see just how alive we all are (and hopefully inspire some brilliant photography along the way). Every week for one year, the group will tackle a challenge and allow their experience in doing so to inspire a photograph. Some challenges are relatively easy, some are extremely difficult. But all are intended to make you more fully aware of the world around you and your place in it. Some very easily inspire photography concepts, while others will be a little tougher. Creativity in satisfying challenges is encouraged.

We will also have ongoing discussion threads tackling difficult questions, concepts and themes from the SoulPancake book. Discussion is intended to challenge your opinions, emotions and perceptions. Our members are encouraged to both take part in the weekly challenges and weekly photos as well as participate in ongoing open discussion in the forums.

We will not tolerate any form of disrespect in this group. This group is about coming together and raising the bar both for our photography and in our interactions with the people and the world around us. In other words, if you're an ass to someone else, your ass is out of here.

Big List of Challenges:
1. Closely admire your fingerprints. ✓
2. Art at Arm's Reach ✓
3. Get punched. ✓
4. Eat something that challenges your gag reflexes. ✓
5. Hit something hard enough to break it. ✓
6. Playlist for People-Watching ✓
7. Stay up all night. ✓
8. Don't use utensils to eat all day. ✓
9. Read a book that makes your brain hurt. ✓
10. Give a stranger a sincere compliment. ✓
11. Pop Your Problems ✓
12. Stand in the pouring rain. Get drenched. ✓
13. Pint Sized Protest ✓
14. Next time you have an argument, let the other person win. ✓
15. Climb a tree. ✓
16. Memorize a poem. ✓
17. Plunge your hands into soil. ✓
18. Beauty in the Bland. ✓
19. Don't use the words "Yes" or "No" for a day. ✓
20. Bribe someone. ✓
21. Admire an old building. ✓
22. Get a pedicure. Yes, guys too. ✓
23. Walk barefoot all day. ✓
24. Jump on a bus without knowing the end destination. ✓
25. Shower in the dark. ✓
26. Blackout Poet. ✓
27. Skip, don't walk. ✓
28. Write your will.✓
29. Examine the underside of a large bridge. ✓
30. Sidewalk Scribe. ✓
31. Scrutinze a spiderweb. ✓
32. Buy an album based solely on the cover art. ✓
33. Have a conversation with a homeless person. ✓
34. Watch planes take off at the airport. ✓
35. Double-shot Dare You. ✓
36. Scrap Paper Portrait. ✓
37. Mute Your Mouth ✓
38. Gyrate Your Genius ✓
39. There's Always Time to Build a Fort. ✓
40. Get a knife. Get a stick. Whittle something.✓
41. Draw something in the steam on the mirror after your next shower.✓
42. Create art with a kid. Embrace the mess.✓
43. Don't wear underwear.✓
44. Hunt for street art in your city.✓
45. Burn a book you hated.✓
46. Pen Pal on the DL. ✓
47. Reverse Pickpocket. ✓
48. Stash a Secret. ✓
49. Tech Detox.✓
50. Bathroom Humor.✓
51. Pick up every piece of trash you see for an entire day.✓
52. Hold your breath for as long as you can.✓

PLEASE NOTE: Any members found blocking any of the admins of this group will be immediately removed from the group. We have to be able to contact you and communicate with you.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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