LollyKnit PRO 1:13pm, 24 December 2007
I have to admit that the date of January 1st is just TOO soon for me. I did not plan ahead like I should have... so, with that in mind, I propose this idea:

- FEBRUARY / MARCH - FIRE - orange,
red, pink

- APRIL / MAY - EARTH - green, brown,

- JUNE / JULY - AIR - gray, white,

black, purple

This idea is still forming. I want to make a real point that this is not just a knitalong. It would be a way to really explore the colors, as well as the textures, involved with each of these elements.

There are a few more ideas in the Ravelry group. I specifically like the ideas about incorporating other arts and activities like working with clay (for Fire), gardening (for Earth), etc. Also, things like photography and knitting can still be worked into all of the month spans as well - waves or water motifs for Water. Air may be the biggest challenge, but also the most fun - We could have a group project where people contribute their designs! (windchimes, windsocks, flags, etc.)

Let me know what you think!
PrairiePoppins PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by PrairiePoppins (member) 11 years ago
Oh, I do like this version of grouping the colours. It's still focused on a set of colours, but this time they're analogous, and they have the added twist of the elements.

Lolly, would you be interested in having me set up a Swapbot swap for these? We could do an artist trading card (ATC) swap for each element. and the cool thing is that there are knitted ATCs so you don't have to paint or draw if you aren't feeling up to it.

We could also use Swapbot to do something else for these as well. Perhaps a postcard for each element, or even a little package of goodies - you know, $10 worth of 'air' treats and whatnots. :)
crafty mathea PRO 11 years ago
I really like this idea! It has set my mind working right away about what to make. I think I'd like to make mini quilts, each representing one of the elements. The last time around I just tried to work the colours into whatever I was making, but by the end of the year it had sort of petered out. This time I would like to make specific ProjectSpectrum projects and that will be a challenge in itself, while also keeping me on track, working with the assigned colours, and then my guess is that the colours will sneak into the other projects I'm working on as well :-)
LollyKnit PRO 11 years ago
This is a wonderful idea, S! I did a postcard swap in the first Project Spectrum, and while it was fun, there were a few bad apples that ruined the bunch. I have had several people ask me to do another swap, and this ATC idea sounds really great! I am much more willing to give the swap another try if I know that I can have help from some other participants. Since each color/element group is TWO months long, there really should be no excuse for not getting a card mailed out on time...

I love to see that you are on board and already planning! So inspirational :)
Nettie C. 11 years ago
I think these groupings sound great! I really want to participate more fully this time around.
Minerva Turkey PRO 11 years ago
I am absolutely in for this round. I like the concept, and I am really excited about exploring each theme. YEAH!
sew-mad 11 years ago
yes, yes, yes!
my first "fire" project already is planned! ^-^
ReeBeckiSupergirl PRO 11 years ago
Yes! I love this idea and starting in February gives me just enough time to get organized.
marleah 11 years ago
Not sure if anyone here is on Craftster, but there's a thread that is throwing around the elements idea as a bit of a craftalong ... the thread is here:

I think it would be cool to join forces!
veloCC 11 years ago
I just found your group. I do a little bit of knitting and crocheting, but I am a BIG gardener and love to take pictures of my flowers and all the colors in my garden. I think that would be a great addition.
AND it would motivate me to finish me yarn-creation:)
Little Jezzie PRO 11 years ago
I'm glad we'll be starting in February and that one of the colors is pink!!!! I have lots of pink yarn to use up
Susan Schwake PRO 11 years ago
sounds wonderful - great ideas! i love the trading cards swap too.
Dizzy5 11 years ago
The only question I would raise is does each project have to concentrate on both the colour *and* the texture/element ? I really like the idea of having the elements as a theme, but I don't want that to limit the project in any way. (Then again, I'm likely to be concentrating on photos, rather than handycrafts, so it may only be me with that issue)!
LollyKnit PRO 11 years ago
Project Spectrum is not a chore - it is merely a suggestion :) so, if you want to focus on texture over color, or vice versa, that would be great! There really is NO limit to the project :)
Jocelyn_ 11 years ago
Oh, Hoorah! I will do my best to participate this year. Thanks, Lolly, for organizing it.

I love the idea of knitted ATCs - so much creative potential! Please count me in Poppins.
LollyKnit PRO 11 years ago
Poppins and I are chatting about the ATC swap. If you think you would be interested in a swap related to the Project Spectrum elements, please leave a note and let me know!
Minerva Turkey PRO 11 years ago
I would love to participate in a swap related to Project Spectrum. I think it would be fun. Count me in, and if you need any help just let me know.
cindeea 11 years ago
I'd love to join this project. I like the idea of color as an organizing factor and the project as motivator to actually do something. Made a great red/black/white coat, hat and muff for dd's doll today. Her design choices but it did get me revved up and ready to design something new. Now I know it will be blue and grey and white! What it is? I'm not sure yet.

I do like the ATC idea too. It would be a great way to collect color ideas for future reference.

Let me know what to do to participate. Thanks.
spinningknits 11 years ago
Oh I really like this year's color combinations. I think they will inspire me to finish up all of the UFO's that I have. And I'm sure I'll start some new ones.

I really hope that the ATCswap happens this year, the postcard swap was SO much fun two years ago.
hsing3kinder 11 years ago
I'm in for the ATC swap!
Looking forward to this year's spectrum.
asweetp 11 years ago
I love the elements idea, and I have plenty of "fire" to play with! I'm interested in the ATC idea too as a fun way to play with the colors and share with others.

one good apple 11 years ago
an atc swap aounds great, i'm in!
spikeblacklab PRO 11 years ago
I am ready to "play with fire," too!
LollyKnit PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by LollyKnit (admin) 11 years ago
I posted about Project Spectrum today!

It's Elemental: Project Spectrum Three.

There are a few more details there than I have discussed here, and I will continue to update this space with new developments!

I am so excited and I hope you are too!
st.jehanne PRO 11 years ago
Oh yayy!! I read about PS III from your blog and I'm so glad~~ I sure hope to get started soon! Exciting~!!!
veloCC 11 years ago
Can you explain a little bit more about the swap. I have never done something like that? I am interested, but I am not sure if my skills are up for it:)
Yarnie Spinner PRO 11 years ago
I like the element idea. And it is funny because I frogged my Clapotis last night and restarted it this morning and the colors are reds and oranges. Plus I have some yarn that screams fire to me that I want to work up. And I will try to find plenty of fire photos.
LollyKnit PRO 11 years ago
VeloCC: I am planning to post some examples of the Artist Trading Cards, and more details about the swap on my blog in the upcoming week... so stay tuned :)

I am so happy to see your excitement!!
Little Jezzie PRO 11 years ago
I was just refreshing myself on the themes and colors when I realized something really cool!:

My first usable handspun is firey red and orange!!!!! I'm going to start this PS off right and knit a scarf out of my very own handspun yarn!!!! It works out so perfectly that it must be meant to be. lol
LollyKnit PRO 11 years ago
It is fate! ;)
Villanuttu 11 years ago
I'd like to participate this year's PS too. Last year was great, and I'll try to be more active this time... I like the colorways and the idea of fire, earth, air and water!
LollyKnit PRO 11 years ago
are you ready?
Minerva Turkey PRO 11 years ago
I am sooooo ready! :)
BerlinsWhimsy 11 years ago
Yay! I am so glad I found out about this series. I love the elements concept, too. Now, off to find some fire in the midst of snowy winter... ;-)
fidlstix 11 years ago
Happy St. Brigid's feast day! To celebrate I'll sweep out the hearth and build a fire and ponder a project. Seems like a fitting day to join in.
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