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Stop and restart, or continue?

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AbelZ728 says:

So I started Project 365 on August 7th, 2011 and am nearing 1 yr which should be 365/365 but as of today am at picture 126/365.

Should I continue until I reach 365 pics or should I stop 8/6/12 and start a new one as of 8/7/12, focusing on one topic (I just saw group "I crush your head", pics of finger crushing heads or faraway items)?
11:37AM, 29 July 2012 PDT (permalink)

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Nate Matos says:

Personally I would have started over after missing one day. The project in itself really isn't all that difficult. Take one picture a day.

If it is 11:59 and you haven't done anything yet, whip out your phone and push the damn shutter as quickly as possible. The photo won't be good, but it will motivate you to stay on top of it better the next day.

I started 1/1/11 and haven't stopped since. There have been a few close calls where I forgot a camera or film (I'm doing it all with Polaroids and Impossible Project film) but I still managed to pull through.

I say start over every time you don't shoot a day. Otherwise what's the point of the project?

Many people have suggested having a default photo. For instance, wake up in the morning. Take a picture of what is on your desk. Not a great shot but odds are you will see something more interesting during the day. If you don't/run out of time/completely forget. You will always have that picture at the start to fill in for that day.
33 months ago (permalink)

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AbelZ728 says:

Thank You. I think I'll just finish then and restart. Closer to your suggestion but you're right.
33 months ago (permalink)

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