makko.abreu 1:28pm, 2 January 2012
post links to your blogs here so we can follow each other!
i created a dedicated tumblr account for my project 365+1 this year, here it is:

"keep the inspiration going"
DelightfulBunny 5 years ago
I have a tumblr for this project too =D
Manadh PRO 5 years ago
My tumblr for p365 is here
RJ Taylor [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by RJ Taylor (member) 5 years ago
My Tumblr url is PRO 5 years ago
Launched my own site for the project:

Kind of making me want to post to tumblr now too. :)
Valentina Mantovani 5 years ago
Fokke van Saane 5 years ago

In Dutch though....
Nate Matos 5 years ago
Mines a tumblr, going into my second straight year using polaroids.

To see the first year quickly there is a video on the right if you scroll down a bit just gangsta shit on my tumblr
thedalogs PRO 5 years ago
Good idea, OP

Gonna add everyone that's posted so far. Here's mine:
makko.abreu Posted 5 years ago. Edited by makko.abreu (member) 5 years ago followed all tumblr accounts!
quasaratul 5 years ago
Starting an year long commitment with a nervous twitch! here goes
Mr Ulster PRO 5 years ago
My blog is

Thanks for caring!
rafadel1974 5 years ago
My blog. Is in french....
Cornybeard PRO 5 years ago
Crikey, I wish I had used Tumblr for this project, that following thing is rather good (I've followed you all anyway) but instead I've gone for Blipfoto which seems like a nice website. Plus you can only upload one photo a day giving me more impetus to post my photos on time
K Van den Saffele 5 years ago

I started the project only 3 days ago and it will be a challenge to keep going, but I already feel that it pushes me to be creative in ways that I've never explored before!
boutdebitume 5 years ago
makko.abreu 5 years ago
i encourage everyone to also check out the non-tumblr sites, very inspiring stuff!
teekathepony Posted 5 years ago. Edited by teekathepony (member) 5 years ago
My first time blogging along with the project, but here is my Tumblr!

365 Days of Wendy
nbinning 5 years ago
My tumblr is not necessarily dedicated to my project 365, but it is for just my photography. I will be posting my daily photos on there, plus additional ones that I can't post here due to upload limits! :)
Kasrielle PRO 5 years ago
I have a blog that is specific to my Project...
fiebs10 5 years ago
**Natasha L** 5 years ago
This is mine is anyone wants to have a look:

I've had a look at yours! Nice photos there!
JoyliciousYahoo 5 years ago

My project 365 2011 Video
Mark Birk Nymand [deleted] 5 years ago

Here is my Project 365
angelamermaid 5 years ago Posting my photos here 5 years ago
Juicebox723 5 years ago
I use a few, but her is blogger. Good luck all!
makko.abreu Posted 5 years ago. Edited by makko.abreu (member) 5 years ago
awesome pages, i'll browse through these blogs when i'm out of inspiration
Danny Linkes Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Danny Linkes (member) 5 years ago
AJaaay 5 years ago
I'll be following many of you guys. : )
cseeman PRO 5 years ago
Trying this out -
keisison 5 years ago
Chrispy Photography 5 years ago
I'll make sure to check out everyones projects! :)
The Lipstick Cafe 5 years ago
I decided not to create a separate blog for Project 365, but am going to keep weekly post updates on my blog The Lipstick Cafe. A little less pressure than updating daily.

First week post for Project 365:
Stephanie Massaro 5 years ago
snowgrygon 5 years ago
Ed Tang PRO 5 years ago
dogwelder PRO 5 years ago
I'm running dueling the-world-ends-in-2012 blogs:

doom & gloom:
happy sunshine:
brandnewbeginnings 5 years ago PRO 5 years ago
joeykttn 5 years ago
Michael Lambert PRO 5 years ago
no. higher [deleted] 5 years ago
just started mine! will add you guys before me
fedora365 [deleted] 5 years ago
I made a facebook page for my project:
giovannisegantini [deleted] 5 years ago
I have started on April 9, however here is my tumblr link to the project:
/ayu/ 5 years ago
in case anyone's interested in looking at non tumblr variety, check mine out at
casimilpalabras 5 years ago
I started 10 days ago my 365!! My link:

I'm going to check all your projects now, inspiration!! :-)
Calvin Merry [deleted] 5 years ago
Ludo Beckers PRO 5 years ago
I started my project a week ago
AJaaay 5 years ago
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