Lynda Giddens 2:25pm, 13 January 2010
Showcase your personal favorite photo taken for the 365 project in Week 2!

The photo you post should be:

- taken by you, not someone else.
- submitted to our pool.
- taken in the time frame specified above.

Please choose only one to share with us.

To include your photo, grab its URL from the address bar and paste it in a new reply box enclosed by square brackets.

Example: [URL_HERE]

Previous thread:
Week 1: 01/01/10 - 01/07/10
Johnny Chadda PRO 7 years ago
I'll start out with an amplifier.

Project 365, Day 10 by Johnny Chadda
Coming Soon Bro 7 years ago

Because I love my Schnauzer. =)
wibblefish PRO 7 years ago
I snuck this one in on the last day of the week which had I thought to spell something would've been even better!

Alphabetical 13@365 by wibblefish
Yané 7 years ago
My darling daughter

13/365 "Mommy I pretty".
Ellis Miles PRO 7 years ago
pioggia [deleted] 7 years ago
A selfportrait
10/365 Blindness
Ivo Noppen 7 years ago
Orapple (11/365)
I think I like this one the best of this week.
0Hammer64 PRO 7 years ago
[9/365 Basket Ball Icicles]

I like the lighting on this one
Raznoggle 7 years ago
I think this is my fav for week 2.
cajohnsonphoto 7 years ago
My favorite of week 2
Lynda Giddens 7 years ago
01-13-10 - Noah at the Store - 13/365
hasby 7 years ago
mizcaliflower 7 years ago
Week 2 Fave...Because I do love a beautiful Sunset!

Over the Bridge and Far Away..
pritoodi (Pretty) 7 years ago
lotus_art 7 years ago
wow, you all have such beautiful pictures...
well.... i will learn too...soon i hope :)
day14/365 by lotus_art
marcjanks 7 years ago
pretty psyched about how this came out
14.365-Camera Man to the Rescue
[Pola] 7 years ago
12/365 Buscando... (Looking for...)
tartlime 7 years ago
I like the lighting and sharpness on the right side of the ball in contrast to the dark step behind it.
9/365 Basketball Weekend
yeah_man! 7 years ago
15:365:2010 by yeah_man!
michellephoto365 7 years ago
Day 13, 1-13-10 Smiling Daisy by michellephoto365

I love the way this one came out
Lenny J1 7 years ago
14-365 Can of Coke (macro) by Lenny J1

My first sucessful macro
sumkindoflife 7 years ago
10JAN - 010.365 by sumkindoflife

lucky enough to snag this sunrise behind mt. ranier on my way to work.
callmeshmi Posted 7 years ago. Edited by callmeshmi (member) 7 years ago
sudweeks PRO 7 years ago
chris law photography 7 years ago
009/365 - Farley Mount Snow - Jan 2010 by chris law photography

lighthack PRO 7 years ago
Vintage Palm Trees (10 of 365) by lighthack
JVLIVS Photography 7 years ago
Gotta love Picnik!
10:365 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Serives
beckieQ 7 years ago
010-365 by beckieQ
37 seconds. 7 years ago
alisonbents 7 years ago
Week 2 Favorite
011.365 Hibiscus
[Chrysty] 7 years ago
Stavros Kammas PRO 7 years ago
colours: 13/365
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