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profiphotos 4:39pm, 18 January 2009
Welcome one and all to the new Lightroom preset compilation of the Presetting Lightroom group.

I have invested a number of days to ensure that this list of presets is accurate and reflects those presets previously offered in this group. In many cases, the original preset developer did not provide a before and after photo. Therefore, I used a number of my own photos that I thought best showed off the potential of each preset. I hope the authors of the presets agree.

In some cases links were changed to provide you with direct links back to the originator of the presets. These presets are all available FREE for downloading. Where presets link to "for sale" presets I will have indicated this. This list will be maintained as new presets are posted in this Flickr group. In order to facilitate the maintenance of this list, I would ask, that those offering presets (and want them to be included in this list) would kindly provide a before and after photo! (see the examples here and in my Photostream).

I have included all those presets that were posted in this group. Links to external sites offering Lightroom presets were not included in this post. I decided I would probably never finish this list if I tried to include all presets from outside sources mentioned in a post. My feeling was that this compilation should reflect those presets created by members of this group (or at the very least, those active on Flickr).

I would hope that in an effort to further promote this group that everyone will help in creating links back to this list on those forums and WEB sites that you frequent. Let's spread the word and build up the membership here so that we can all benefit from the lively discussions and additional presets that will ensue.

Anyway, there's a lot of interesting presets here. If you follow all the download links you will be rewarded with 180+ Lightroom presets. Enjoy.

Cheers, Markus


Albumen (1860's Civil War era) Preset by vidular - Site:
Civil-War-Preset-Image Civil-War-Preset-Image-2
Albumen, a process used to create photos of this era seem to have very sharp clear centers, good dynamic range blurry/distorted edges often with vignetting. In looking at the old images from the American Civil War era it was learned that the surviving photos vary in coloration from yellow to gray, brown to almost purple in hue. Yellow seems to be most common so there is some freedom in crafting the coloration. Download here.

Awesome BW Preset by synaestheta - Site: synaestheta.deviantart.com
_MG_3575 _MG_3575-3
A preset to create a warm, brownish B&W look. Download here.

Beauty Collection by *CJean - Site: shockofdaylight.deviantart.com
DSC03956 DSC03956-2
Apart from the Dark Beauty preset (shown here), there are three additional presets available for download that should help you create that special mood. Download here.

Daido Moriyama Kit by ReallyJapan - Site: ReallyJapan’s Darkroom
_MG_5762 _MG_5762-2
There’s a solution to taking photos at night with high shutter speeds. It’s called the Daido Moriyama Kit by ReallyJapan. Daido Moriyama is a Japanese photographer who creates street photographs which are gritty, harsh, raw, very analogish, and punky in some way. His style is reproduced here with these four presets and work well with grainy, high iso shots. Download here.

Dramatic Sky (Advanced) Preset by profiphotos - Site: profiphotos.com
Normal-Sky1 Dramatic-Sky1
This preset allows you to render a two-toned sky! It also has built-in vignetting controls that far exceed the normal vignettes found in Lightroom. This is an advanced preset that really benefits from a little tweaking in Lightroom. That's why I've produced a companion video tutorial (9 minutes) that shows you how to use this preset. Download here.

Fuji Velvia X-Pro Presets by GrayImaging - Site: www.lifeindigitalfilm.com/
Fuji Velvia X-Pro Before Fuji Velvia X-Pro After
This preset is an emulation of Fuji Velvia that has been cross processed in C-41 chemistry. The roll I had processed had a very red/magenta cast to it, which is simulated in the preset via Split Toning. The curve is rather sharp, leading toward blown highlights and the colors slightly muted over properly processed Velvia. Download here.

GA Black & White Infrared by GAntico - Site: www.gantico.com/en/
_MG_3311 _MG_3311-2
Giovanni has produced a classic Infrared preset. Basically, it converts a colored photo in grey tones, with vivid brightness for tints coming from reds, yellows and greens, while tones coming from blues are strongly darkened. It pushes grain, contrast and shadows. On his blog he even compares it against other similar presets. Worth a read if you're into Infrared photography. Download here.

GA XPro Green Preset by GAntico - Site: www.gantico.com/en/2008/04/lightroom-creative-development/
_MG_3311 _MG_3311-3
This preset can be used as a starting point for a cross-processing (or Xpro) effect. Download here.

Golden Vintage Presets by Gerla Brakkee - Site:
_MG_6594 _MG_6594-2
A collection of three Golden presets in a light, medium and dark variety. If you haven't yet browsed Gerla's Photostream (link above) do yourself a big favor and do it - her work is simply superb! Download here.

Green n White by Amit (Sydney) - Site: Lightly Toasted
_MG_4563 _MG_4563-2
This creates an effect just like it says. It leaves your greens intact and takes out the remaining colours especially Yellow, Blue & Red. This is ideal for using on photos that have good amount of greens on them and should you need to suppress the other colours. Download here.

Kodak B&W Film Emulation Presets by GrayImaging - Site: www.lifeindigitalfilm.com/
DSC03956 DSC03956-3
A collection of 12 presets for Kodak B&W films. Each film emulsion has 3 presets; a standard develop preset, an Auto develop preset that allows Lightroom to automatically develop the image and a finally a curve preset. Michael Gray passionately develops Film Emulsion presets and if you're into Kodak B&W Film emulsion looks, get these. Download here.

Kodak HIE High Speed Infrared Film Preset by Tsc Tempest - Site: Tsc Tempest Photography
DSC03888 DSC03888-2
A preset to simulate the look of Kodak's now defunkt High Speed Infrared Film. Download here.

Lomo Preset by Jaeming - Site: seabubble.com
DSC03925 DSC03925-2
A preset to simulate the "Lomo" look. Download here.

LRB Dragan Presets by seanmcfoto - Site: lightroom-blog.com
DSC00717 DSC00717-2
These presets mix a series of extreme settings to give a very post processed look to your images. These are quite old in design and make use of more extreme settings that effect most of the develop module. Some of the presets will interact and give different effects. Download here.

Mark Elkins Basic Presets by MarkElkins - Site: www.markelkinsphotography.com/presets
_MG_6349 _MG_6349-2
These presets are designed to be combined together to achieve the desired effect. Here Auto Tone, Auto White Balance, More Contrast, Mid-Bright and Heavy Vignette presets were used. The Basic set consists of 13 presets controlling White Balance, Exposure, Recovery, Fill Light, Blacks, Brightness, Contrast, Tone Curve, and Vignette settings. Additional sets are available for purchase. Download here.

MikeyG!s Black and White Film Presets Vol 1 by GrayImaging - Site: www.lifeindigitalfilm.com/
DSC04132 DSC04132-2
A collection of black & white film presets. Included are presets for Agfa Scala 200X, Agfapan 100, Agfapan 25, Agfapan 400, Fuji Acros 100, Ilford Delta 100, Ilford Delta 3200, Ilford Delta 400 Pro, Ilford Delta 400, Ilford FP4 125, Ilford HP5 400, Ilford Pan F 50, Ilford SFX 200, Ilford XP2 Super 400, Kodak TMAX 100, Kodak TMax 400 and Kodak Tri-X 400. Michael Gray passionately develops Film Emulsion presets and if you're into Film emulsion looks, get these. Download here.

Mono Pink Architecture Preset by Phill Price - Site: www.phillprice.com/index.php/tag/workflow
DSC02971 DSC02971-2
This preset will render your photos with an interesting B&W treatment (pink) to your photos ... you'll need to tweak it for your needs; shooting style, etc. Download here (rename it to .lrtemplate after download).

Muted Tone Sub-Pop Preset by Jaeming - Site: seabubble.com
_MG_3575 _MG_3575-2
From Wikipedia:
"Bleach bypass...is an optical effect which entails either the partial or complete skipping of the bleaching function during the processing of a film. By doing this, the silver is retained in the image along with the color dyes...The images usually would have reduced saturation and latitude, along with increased contrast and graininess." Download here.

New York State of Mind Presets by chad℠ - Site: chadvw.tumblr.com
_MG_5728 _MG_5728-2
Chad says, "I developed these around the time I visited New York City for the first time, and for me, they work out amazing for street shots and candid people photos" Included in this set are three (3) presets. Download here.

NYSM Ver.2 Presets by chad℠ - Site: chadvw.tumblr.com
_MG_3259 _MG_3259-2
Next release of the NYSM presets. There are four flavors to choose from. 1. Default: the goodness of the original but with less contrast (more natural) and more film like colors without that massive blue shift. 2. HDRish: gives it an HDR effect without the freaky colors and unnatural highlights and shadows. 3. Warm: for the summery feeling and 4. Black and White. Photo shown here with NYSMv2 - HDRish Preset. Download here.

PH Naturally BW Preset by presetsheaven - Site: presetsheaven.com
DSC04080 DSC04080-2
This is by far a favorite preset from Presets Heaven. Almost daily, Pierre posts one or more new Lightroom presets on his popular site. You could spend the better part of a day exploring all the presets available there for free. Download here.

Sarah-Ji's Presets by sierraromeo [sarah-ji] - Site: sarah * ji - Documentary Photographer
Phil--Straight Of Of Camera Phil--With My SchwinnBreeze Adobe Lightroom Preset
This set of twelve (12) presets will bring some new and interesting colors and effects to your shots. Sarah says, "FYI, these presets are not for every type of photo, but I'm sure y'all know that". You can view an interactive slide show (generated in Lightroom) of all 12 presets here - (See slide show of Sarah-Ji's presets). Download here.

Sean McGrath's Preset Collections by seanmcgrath - Site: mcg studios // sean mcgrath
_MG_7736 _MG_7736-2 _MG_6677 _MG_6677-2
These are a group of preset collections (over 40 presets) that Sean is offering for free download. Sean has assembled some of his best presets to share with the Lightroom community. His presets are to some extent stackable meaning you can combine more than one on a given photo. In the first photo, the "Warm it UP" + "Sunset+" + "Fantasy Island" + "Vignette - Light" presets were successfully combined to achieve a great look. Download here.

Seim Effects Sampler Presets by ~Gavin Seim~ The Effects Guy - Site: Gavin Seim Photography
_MG_6096 _MG_6096-2
This preset Nature Boy really brings out the colors in your nature shots. This is a sample pack which contains seven presets including color, black and white and vignetting presets. Gavin also releases his presets in two varieties - JPG and RAW, one of the few preset makers who do this. The complete set of Power Workflow presets are available for purchase. Download here.

Selective Masking Collection by profiphotos - Site: profiphotos.com
Original Photo High-Contrast B&W
This is just one in a collection of 35 Lightroom presets to do selective masking in Lightroom 2. Download here.

Snow Details Preset by profiphotos - Site: profiphotos.com
_MG_6507 _MG_6507-2
This preset will enhance and bring out the details in your snow and ice close ups. Download here.

Snow Preset by chad℠ - Site: chadvw.tumblr.com
_MG_6576 _MG_6576-2
Here is one of Chad's seasonal presets. These two presets (shown here is the "snow" preset) were developed for a film based look in the winter months. They should work well for general snow shots. These will set all development sliders except white balance, that is something you need to do on your own. Also, this adds some exposure to help compensate for the 18% snow effect. Download here.

Soft Highlights by Joop Snijder - Site: www.joopsnijder.com/photoshopfx
Soft Highlights - Before Soft Highlights - After
Here a preset to smoothen the highlight and to give your image a nice dreamy touch. Download here.

Spring Preset by chad℠ - Site: chadvw.tumblr.com
DSC01577 DSC01577-2
Here is one of Chad's seasonal presets. This preset will set all development sliders except white balance, that is something you need to do on your own. Also, this adds some exposure, so if images look blown out, adjust accordingly. Download here.

Strangers Collection by *CJean - Site: shockofdaylight.deviantart.com
DSC01009 DSC01009-2 DSC01009-3 DSC01009-4
Apart from the Free Bird, Famous Hobo and Optimist presets shown here, there are two additional presets in the Strangers Collection that do some brilliant B&W conversions. Download here.

TLC B&W Split Toning Collection by gmitchel850 - Site: The Light's Right
_MG_6923 _MG_6923-2 _MG_6923-3 _MG_6923-4
There are 30 presets in the collection including solid colors, multi-tones, and classic chemical darkroom tones like platinum, palladium, selenium, etc. These well-designed presets will co-exist nicely with other presets, affecting only the split toning panel. Shown here are the Cooler Gray, Cyanotype and Silver Gelatin presets. Download here.

Vintage and Aged Presets by GrayImaging - Site: www.lifeindigitalfilm.com/
DSC03956 DSC03956-3
In this fades collection, you get three basic effect presets that fade the colors in your image. The Vintage and Aged presets give a color cast to your photo. Classic just kills saturation and kicks up Luminance. There are no auto versions, no curve, just basic. Download here.

Wet Chrome Preset by powerbooktrance - Site: Welcome to my F/Stop
_MG_5979 _MG_5979-2
This preset will really bring out the shine on metallic objects. Download here.

Winterscape Preset by profiphotos - Site: profiphotos.com
_MG_6318 _MG_6318-2
Often winter landscapes are lacking in color. This preset will bring back some life and color into your winter photography. Download here.

Wizels Preset by Jose-Miguel - Site: fotofallo.blogspot.com
DSC03925 DSC03925-3
It's a LOMO+LUCIS preset. This preset has an HDR look about it. Download here.

Wonderland Presets by WonderlandPresets - Site: www.wonderlandpresets.com/
DSC03878 DSC03878-2
By following this link you can download 14 free presets. In this photo you see the Color Isolate Red preset at work. Additional presets are available for purchase bringing the total to 176 presets! Download here.

x=city+scapes Preset by xequals - Site: www.x-equals.com/blog/?cat=10
DSC02995 DSC02995-2
This preset is just the starting point. On the X-Equals site you will find an awesome collection of presets available for download. Have a look, you won't regret it. Download here.
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I've also had many many flickr messages asking me how to download the preset or import it since most browsers just open it as a text document instead of downloading it, so to make things easier and to hopefully stop those awful messages, here is a .zip link which also includes my other somewhat popular/requested preset:
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Lightroom Preset 4 years ago
Hi there, I would like to share a Lomo preset I've just created.
Here is the link I hope will be useful
abbyladybug PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by abbyladybug (member) 4 years ago
Hey. I am the very first person mentioned in this thread. Because of this, I regularly receive requests asking for my preset collection. I no longer have this to share. I've removed every mention I myself have made to this preset collection in hopes that I will stop receiving so many requests for it. Problem is, I can't delete when others have mentioned it.

This thread is now two and a half years old, and the preset collection was something I offered probably a year and a half before that. I just don't have it all organized that way anymore, and between owning my own business (not photography) and doing a lot of photography on the side, I'd rather not have to respond to everyone who asks. I hate to be difficult, but it would be SO COOL if the original comment could be edited to say that my collection is no longer available.
profiphotos 4 years ago
I have removed your preset from the list. I hope that helps.

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Preset fot Lightroom 4.0?
amiras gandhi Posted 3 years ago. Edited by amiras gandhi (member) 3 years ago
I am a beginner.
Can anyone plz suggest me some portrait preset(lighroom 4)?
Try www.reallyniceimages.com
They recently published some really good instagram and film presets for lightroom.
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Thanks for the time & the links you have provided. I'm new to LR, so I appreciate the help.
beart-presets.com Posted 1 year ago. Edited by beart-presets.com (member) 1 year ago
You can find here: beart-presets.com really cool and free Lightroom Presets.
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freelightroompresets.net Posted 4 months ago. Edited by freelightroompresets.net (member) 4 months ago
Hello, I would like to join the discussion sharing our new suite of Free Lightroom Presets.

You can check them out here:

Free Lightroom Presets

I hope you enjoy it, your feedback is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance & Have a Great Day.

Barbour Lightroom Preset by freelightroompresets.net
Vic_NP 12 days ago
Thank you!
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