The Meat Sweats

Mr-Wild 4:15pm, 3 May 2007
The Meat Sweats is a term of art in the world of competitive eating used to describe a condition that strikes certain eaters in meat-centric competitions. First identified by writer David Kreizman, the meat sweats overwhelm some gurgitators with profuse perspiration. This systemic condition is reportedly prompted by the combination of protein and adrenaline.
George Pollard 11 years ago
"There is no known remedy for meat sweats, besides, of course, not eating so much meat. However, an extremely controversial theory has been out forward stating that eating copious amounts of fish can reverse the effects."

ewww, fish sweats
Mr-Wild 11 years ago

I like 'combination of protein and andrenalin'

because that's how exciting Power Burgers are.
deathgob 10 years ago
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