Walesonline 3:37pm, 18 January 2012
For our first group project I thought I would go with the much used
cliché of Love - it being Valentines day next month.

So in one shot can you say what you "Love about Wales"

We will feature them on Walesonline - and hopefully a selection will
make it into print.

So to start you off - What I love about Wales - is summed up by this
shot I took last year

Cask by @unclewilco

It was taken at the Brains Brewery in Cardiff - yes a bit sad really but It's what I love about Wales - Beer!

Iam sure you can be a lot more creative than me and even include some hearts in their somewhere ;) , looking foward to your photos and keep them clean :)

Mention I love Wales in the Photo Description and Add them to the group then post them in this thread as well (how?) so we can all see them.

Closing day Midnight Monday 6th of Feb - so I have some time to choose our favourites along with our other moderators.

GarethJohns Posted 5 years ago. Edited by GarethJohns (member) 5 years ago
Why I love Wales, Amazing sunrises at Cardiff Bay!
Cardiff Bay Lightship
Lloyd Davis PRO 5 years ago
I love Wales. Especially in the 1970s :)

7106-012 by Lloyd Davis
Kara_Moore 5 years ago
What I love about Wales - the beaches. The views are always so beautiful.
Photo taken at The Knap beach, Bary, Wales.

The world at his feet by Kara_Moore
HollyRuthven 5 years ago
I love Wales' Victorian features :)

Walesonline Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Walesonline (admin) 5 years ago
thanks for all the post so far

Eiona R. PRO 5 years ago
Just one of many things - the iconic Swansea Indoor market..

A little bit of Welsh...
I love Wales but what I love most of all is the wonderful landscape. The heart shaped enclosure in this photograph says it all...

Across Pen y Bwlch from Moel y Ci
paul82180 [deleted] 5 years ago
What I love about Wales is weather we are in a busy city or small town we are never far from natural beauty and like Gareth & Nick say Amazing Sunsets & wonderful landscapes.
rhonddaborn PRO 5 years ago
What I love about Wales is the fantastic wildlife and scenery we have in all four corners. Like this pair of Swans so in love with each other at Kenfig National Nature Reserve. So gracious .

 Swans at Kenfig by rhonddaborn
rhonddaborn PRO 5 years ago
What I love about Wales , Where else can you go to the top of a snowy mountain and see a row of derelict terraced houses that are part of the mining heritage of the South. You sit and wonder what was it like living in these tiny houses over a century ago. These were built for the sinkers of Penrhiwfer Pit which was just 50 yards in front of them

  Bruce Terrace by rhonddaborn
Nicci Walker PRO 5 years ago
Its we move around alot with the RAF, we never forget where we are from, and miss it when we are not here.......Cymru am byth

Newborough '10
I love Wales for its wonderfull coastline its so vast u could lose yourself in it
its big here in Wales the Gower from Burry port S Wales
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