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Hi Welcome to this UK Postbox group. There are many excellent postbox groups already but they all have, to my mind one problem - no structure enabling anyone to find anything. This group will only contain boxes which have their postcode in the title or tags, enabling easy searching.

If you can please include a shot of the environment of the box in the comments on the photo.

If you are feeling really enthusiastic it would also be great if you can Geotag your photo which would enable a map.


  • Royal Mail list of boxes now mapped

    A Freedom of Information request earlier this year has resulted in the list of p...

    XopherD3 months ago2 replies

  • New member

    I have been collecting postbox photographs for a few years, and wondered what to...

    Peterm35327 months ago2 replies

  • VR postboxes

    i see from the pictures there are still quite a few VR postboxes around and that...

    piccadilly1973200028 months ago2 replies

  • Admin

    Hi , I took a pic of the box at Osborne House which is collected from by Royal ...

    atrebatus28 months ago4 replies

  • Can't fathom the new system out

    Hi ! I think I've added (or not) a photo of a box in Curzon Street Horsham RH12 ...

    atrebatus41 months ago2 replies

  • Postboxes

    Hi everyone, I’m Stuart Matthews a final year university student studying p...

    Stu_The_Protégé55 months ago4 replies

  • 'E II R' boxes in Scotland

    It is relatively well known that Scottish boxes of Elizabeth II's reign have the...

    XopherD85 months ago2 replies

  • Penfold Pillar Boxes

    I recently started a new group that is dedicated to images of Penfold Pillar Box...

    ttelyob85 months ago0 replies

  • Isle of Barra - HS9

    I have today driven round the island - it only takes a couple of hours! - and ha...

    XopherD85 months ago3 replies

  • Fake wall box

    I came across a fake Victorian wall box recently fixed into the external garden ...

    ♔ Georgie R86 months ago3 replies

  • Postboxes with no maker's name

    I've recently come across two pillar boxes and one lamp box that don't appear to...

    Penny Post86 months ago2 replies

  • British Postboxes Overseas

    Is there any room in this group for postboxes that have royal insignia, but now ...

    fabiolib86 months ago4 replies

  • Geotagging other people's contributions

    Is it The Done Thing to geotag images in this group, which have been submitted b...

    lcarslcars97 months ago2 replies

  • collection times

    are you interested in close-ups of the collection times as well?

    J'Roo100 months ago8 replies

  • Machine Tags

    Hi folks - if you don't know what flickr machine tags are, I suggest you look a...

    Elwell101 months ago7 replies

  • "all rights reserved". I don't want to do this.

    I've just noticed that all my submissions to this group are "all rights reserved"...

    lcarslcars101 months ago3 replies

  • Putting postboxen on dracos/OSM

    Does anyone mind if I interpret some of the photographic imagery here and put th...

    lcarslcars102 months ago3 replies

  • Licencing and re-use

    Please consider using one of the Creative Commons licences which grants us hacke...

    J'Roo103 months ago0 replies

  • How do I?

    How do I put a close up of post box with a location shot together on one page so...

    bits&bobs105 months ago5 replies

  • Updating pictures with better quality ones of the same subject

    Having got a better camera, I intend to replace many of my cellphone-taken image...

    lcarslcars105 months ago3 replies

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