jmboyer PRO 7:17pm, 5 June 2010
Where are you from?
jmboyer PRO 8 years ago
Jean marie - Paris (France)
Parma- Italy

This is my Blog:
Pablo Buitrago Ángel 8 years ago
Pereira - Colombia!
Henry der Mops 8 years ago
I`m from Germany!
Thai-Jamie [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm origionally from Scotland but now live in Thailand which gives me great opportunities for photography!
Québec (Canada)
C. Urbina 6 years ago
Je habit aux Mexique, I am from Mexico city
jensen.pernille 6 years ago
Hi photographers of the world

I'm Pernille - from Copenhagen Denmark
Alan1954 PRO 6 years ago
Alan from Horsham, Sussex, England. Most of my portraits are from my holidays around the world. So far I have visited 75 countries.
>> Anne PRO 6 years ago
Montpellier - France
moun2 6 years ago
i'm from tebessa-algeria-
From Bilbao.
Blas Tovar 6 years ago
De Bogotá, Colombia
carcou37 6 years ago
Caroline, de Tours en France
josiequilts 6 years ago
Originally from Belgium, living in Scotland.
差不多90 6 years ago
Alexandre from Paris, France.
serzhile 6 years ago
Hello everyone,
I'm from Belgrade, Serbia.
bsvavarsson PRO 6 years ago
I'm from Iceland, live in Trondheim Norway.
sandrox26 PRO 6 years ago
Hi ! I'm from La Plagne in France !
have a good day everybody !
D-Ulia PRO 6 years ago
Hi! Russia here :) Nice to meet you all! I enjoy all these beautiful portraits in the group.
La Dramstars 6 years ago
SALUT A TOUS ! Moi c'est Aulany sous Bois
Piriposa_Cris 6 years ago
Hi! I'm from Madrid, Spain! Have a good day!
les pas pressés 5 years ago
Bonjour à tous,
Eric de Melun en France
AsAbel14 - Mostly Off 5 years ago
Hi everyone,

I am from Germany, from a small place near Hannover.

Have a great week, everyone!

Nero Simone Palagi 5 years ago
Borgo a Mozzano - Italy
truman1025 5 years ago
Hi everybody,

My name is Carlos. I am from Cuba, but live in Florida, USA
I'm from ANNECY, France;
Ireneh_Venezuela 5 years ago
I'm from Venezuela...
ravalli1 PRO 5 years ago
I'm from Rome, Italy but live in New York.
Ana Martinez-Fotograf Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Ana Martinez-Fotograf (member) 5 years ago
I'm from Avilés, Spain, but I'm living in Germany.
Born in England. Raised in Portugal, Italy and Brazil. Went to school in Michigan and New York. Lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 20 years and now teach at a university in Oklahoma. A move overseas might be in the cards soon. Peace and love, Linda
Christian Chene PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Christian Chene (member) 4 years ago
I'm from Tahiti. Iaorana i te matahiti api (Happy New Year in tahitian) to every one!
nati_2020 4 years ago
I'm from Wrocław (Poland), but I live in Brussels (Belgium) :)
Bumbus PRO 4 years ago
Hello, I'm from Germany between Munich and Augsburg
Mumu Silva Fotografia 4 years ago
São Paulo, Brazil
World Of Erio 4 years ago
My name is Alina and I am from Frankfurt / Germany, but I also stay in Accra / Ghana.
Daniel Pagano 4 years ago
Mendoza, Argentina
Amanda_Creighton 4 years ago
Yaroslavl, Russia :)
Lucas Larribaud 4 years ago
Toulon, France!
sergiodenoumea 4 years ago
New Calédonia. Bonne journée à tous ! Moi c'est la nuit ...
venturidonatella 4 years ago
mpmunne PRO 4 years ago
My name is Marina and I´m from Brazil 4 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm Nando from Uruguay
Ralph Kloppenborg 4 years ago
Hello world! Arnhem, The netherlands represent! ;-)
Hi all greetings from Belgium :-)
Amom Mandel Lins 4 years ago
Hi, I'm from Brazil!
Nathaly Drp PRO 4 years ago
nathaly, alfortville, France :o)
Bonjour, de Namur en Belgique, Belgium
HarQ Photography PRO 4 years ago
from NARA , JAPAN :)
CaroN.C [deleted] 3 years ago
Quelque part dans les Alpes Francaise.
Kaushik.. 3 years ago
Hi everyone

I am Kaushik From India,

I stay in foot hills of himalaya
Albita. 3 years ago
Hello! I'm Alba. I'm new to the group.
I'm originally from Bilbao, in the Basque Country. But I have lived in many countries.
I am living in a small city in Hungary right now.
I saw that, in general, the portraits in the group are AMAZING. Well-done everybody!
Karineldk 3 years ago
Hello! I am from Lebanon and I am a new user to Flickr :)
Randall Knox PRO 3 years ago
I am in Los Angeles
Christie Rafael 3 years ago
Hi everyone!! I'm from Madrid, Spain!
Érico Amaral 2 years ago
Hi folks, I'm from Salvador, Brazil.
ramintakamoli 1 year ago
HI folk, Uppsala, Sweden
Amom Mandel Lins 1 year ago
Hi! I'm from Recife, Brazil!
mpmunne PRO 1 year ago
Hi!...I`m from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
Hello, I'm from Boston, have lived in Los Angeles in the mid 70's to early 80's, and for the last 30 years I have lived in New York City and also spend a lot of time in western Massachusetts.
juanjorodríguezMX 1 year ago

Mexico City!
tecnologia12 5 months ago
Hola! Soy Verónica de Buenos Aires, Argentina! Saludos a todos! ;)
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