Vinnie The Fist 4:36am, 1 June 2009
Sorry it's a bit late, but this sunday (june 7th) is the 2nd annual clown patrol. If you feel like spending the day following a bunch of clowns around P-town (due, that rhymed, giving self 8 points for rap skillz), contact me. I would do it myself, but I'm filming it.

Here's the deal: we rendevous around noon and hop from place to place for a few minutes at a time, doing a bit of clown-like activities, then on to the next. Pioneer square will be one of the definite places, between 4 and 5 p.m. We're also shooting for a public library and maybe a Safeway.

I'm not doing it very much justice, but if it goes half as well as last year, you won't regret tagging along.

We don't yet have a definite photographer, so it would be totally radtastic if a few of you wanted to clown it up. Send me a message if you need something to do Sunday, I'll try to post the itinerary within the next day or so.
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