theartofdang PRO 11:32pm, 29 April 2009
announcing good’s May show:

May Day! May Day! May Day! [art about disasters]

good: a gallery
4325 N Mississippi Ave, just north of Skidmore

disasters occur when hazards meet vulnerability.

the scale of the “disaster” takes us outside of the mini-dramas of everyday tragedy and into the epic sweep of human history. will the disappearing honeybee cause the collapse of the biosphere? will a meteor land on your house triggering catastrophic climate change? is the world government a troupe of nefarious clowns bent on stealing your soul? will that hangnail you found this morning turn out to be the first indicator of a global pandemic?


where is the place where your vulnerability smacks right up against hazard? what disaster are you most afraid of — or excited by? where is that place where your work, your life, or your future balances right on the edge of disaster? we’d like to know.
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