airencracken 7:21pm, 6 December 2006
This article contains one of my photos

Bacon Doughnut

and although they give me credit by name, they never asked to use this photo nor have I been compensated.

What should I do?
princess violette of kittifurria Posted 12 years ago. Edited by princess violette of kittifurria (member) 12 years ago
wow, that sucks! i've been seeing more and more of people just stealing people's images from Flickr for use elsewhere...

I can say that I'm a graphic designer and whenever we use an image, for a print piece or a website, we have to pay for it - usually something like $50 for one-time use rights and then more if we want to be able to use the same image again in some other context. If you've got it copyrighted (by marking it all rights reserved when you posted it here on Flickr), like it looks as though you have based on the credit they gave you, then they're violating copyright law by using the image without your permission.

At this point I guess your only viable option is to contact them asking for compensation, or to have the image removed from the site... trying to enforce your copyright in court would obviously involve some legal fees that probably aren't going to be worth your while for what you'd end up winning. But I've never had this happen to me, so other folks might have some better ideas for what might be done.
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