princess violette of kittifurria 6:31pm, 12 August 2006
Hi all, thanks for joining! There are already a number of fine Portland photo pools on Flickr, but it seemed like there was room for another one with a more specific focus... especially after seeing someone get chastisied by the administrator of another group for having "smartassy" comments on a few pictures that had been submitted to that pool when the administrator felt the subject of the photo was something that should never be joked about, ever.

I just feel that there is no subject that cannot be joked about, humor is a way that many people use to deal with the absudity and downright ugliness that they encounter on a daily basis (as well as being a way of just having some playful fun), and trying to tell someone that it's wrong to cope with the world that way just strikes me as... wrong.

So, here's a place where "smartassiness" is more than welcome, and if you like the idea and think it could be fun, by all means invite as many other Portland folks on Flickr as you'd like to come and join!
sfrances PRO 12 years ago
In her lecture, she actually spelled it "smart assey" , which to me, is even funnier!
Scout Seventeen 12 years ago
Smartasseys Unite!
We have nothing to lose but that attitude, mister / young lady.
jikido 10 years ago
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