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Fulgorine is a group administrator Fulgorine says:

So far I haven't been able to find many tutorials on how to use polymer clay as a painting medium but there are a lot of suggestions on Glass Attic (lower down on the page): www.glassattic.com/polymer/paints.htm

This mandala tutorial has a lovely painterly background (the mandala is good too!): www.pcpolyzine.com/november2001/mandala.html

If you have any suggestions or know of tutorials please share them here.
8:56AM, 5 July 2012 PDT (permalink)

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Fulgorine is a group administrator Fulgorine says:

There are some tutorials by Denise Graham available for puchase on CraftEdu: www.craftartedu.com/instructors/index/view/id/42/
71 months ago (permalink)

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nettiescott7315 says:

I keep experimenting with polymer clay on canvas using liquid polymer, alcohol inks, mokume gane, canes and background blends. Some of my more abstract paintings are pretty weird, but I am a serendipity lover. Translucent clay, leaf and mica powders are used a lot. Perhaps the hardest thing in painting with polymer is rolling patterns onto the canvas and keeping them controlled so as to get some desired look. I find that clays containing a lot of translucent polymer in the blend as more malleable, especially if I work them in a warm room. I also like how translucent clay with leaf added can manipulate patterns, hiding some parts and them opening them up in unexpected ways. I fire my paintings at a very hot temperature---295 most of the time--and love the rich darkness that results. I use Premo Sculpey for everything. I find that I get a nice background using liquid polymer and alcohol inks, but also use liquid polymer or gesso to prime my canvas. So far most of my canvases are no more than 9x12, but am now experimenting with larger canvases breaking the space into pieces, like tiles, and then using canes or polymer clay.alcohol ink "sludge" or translucent clay with mica and/or leaf to pull everything together. Most of my first paintings were finished with polyurethane spray, but I've also started doing some with Renaissance Wax or one of the new polishes for car finishes.

I'm so pleased to have found this site and hope to exchange information with others who are into painting on canvas with clay. For me this has been far more interesting than making canes and mokume gane or other types of constructs and applying them to jewelry, figures, boxes, etc. The only thing I enjoy as much is working on jars and bottles, again because I can "go with the flow". Here again I use a lot of translucent clay and fire hot. I put a few of my paintings and bottles on this site. Hope to hear from others!
42 months ago (permalink)

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