gardengal 11:50am, 5 November 2010
Let's see your favorites that were posted today, November 5!

Small-size only please.

Please don't post the same photo someone else has posted.
recurrentdream 7 years ago
 by amamason
gardengal 7 years ago
In the midst of the dying forest. by caballosblancos
ludwigwest 7 years ago
Untitled by Loss of Light
Bart_?-° PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Bart_?-° (member) 7 years ago
 by Joanna Pallaris

by Joanna Pallaris
tobymarsh 7 years ago
creuxduvan sx70
The Gentleman Amateur 7 years ago
take all the time you need by phamalamb
.Jæɱs 7 years ago
 by maritzaza
jodi*mckee PRO 7 years ago
kristin's amazingly cheery balloons!

rainbow by kristin~mainemomma
caballosblancos 7 years ago
Love this by the Magpie... lots of others too, but i always like beautifully lit windows....

Looking Out by Artful Magpie
serni 7 years ago
Leaves, the trees... soon they fall....
meg♥n PRO 7 years ago

Loving all the magical forrest and water polaroids this week!
available light photography Posted 7 years ago. Edited by available light photography (member) 7 years ago
I love this one by swardraws, the soft colours the bokeh...perfect if you ask me!

clairehelene7 PRO 7 years ago
I vote for Dave and Whitney to get crowned Roid Week King & Queen. Let's put these lovebirds on a float.

 by his&hers
Polapremium 7 years ago
The Watchtower.  by caballosblancos
abdukted1456 PRO 7 years ago
jbhalper Posted 7 years ago. Edited by jbhalper (member) 7 years ago
out the window

And this one!

A really good friend!
joyzipper 7 years ago
 by maplesyruponly

Also, I second clairehelene7's suggestion. :)
placeinsun PRO 7 years ago
The final day's just beginning, but already so many to love, including these 2, one cool, one warm:

faraway, so close by joyzipper

 by revivify

Thanks, everyone, for all the fun and inspiration.
caballosblancos 7 years ago
palucca by gu-aperture
gwernie PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gwernie (member) 7 years ago
sharing is turned off so you'll have to click:

i think everyone saved their best for last! (a bittersweet end to 'roid week) : )
Jetsetter23 PRO 7 years ago
Southern Iceland, October 12th, 2010

Seriously! This is beyond amazing....
inkiworld 7 years ago
clairehelene7 PRO 7 years ago
gwernie has been kicking ass all week with her abandoned barns/buildings, but she saved the best for last:
bam by gwernie
caballosblancos 7 years ago
This is OUT THERE.

 by sol exposure
tobymarsh 7 years ago
Dammit, you were too fast for me.
>stone< [deleted] 7 years ago
Lake of stars
gardengal 7 years ago
I KNOW I KEEP HARPING ON THIS BUT I DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOU: so make sure you sign up for the 2011 RoidWeek Pool, OK?
tsillipines 7 years ago
Fall on PX 600 by heinisch
daveotuttle 7 years ago
i agree with caballosblancos.
Esther17 7 years ago
in total love with this gem from john curley:

wings by john curley
swardraws PRO 7 years ago
i've a 52:44 by Orrin
formica [deleted] 7 years ago

klaus nomi
the_Craigen [deleted] 7 years ago
Sharing is disabled, but damn. DAMN. Click it.
Loss of Light Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Loss of Light (member) 7 years ago
by rommel

 by daveotuttle

by dejvicka
snacky. 7 years ago
i have been impressed by a number of px70 shots this week, i think this one beats them all so far (such great colors from this film).

before & after by besimo
mittens oh my! 7 years ago
asleep on a sunbeam by joyzipper
mittens oh my! 7 years ago
justin's fave:
Every ending is a new beginning by marion (milky soldier)

if sharing is off, you can put the link in brackets [ ].
Esther17 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Esther17 (member) 7 years ago
here is the one that gwernie linked:

gwernie PRO 7 years ago
thanks, esther! i tried the bracket thing but it didn't work for me for some reason...

and thank you claire, you're too kind.
LaneyButler 7 years ago
Nest - alternate view by erin_designr
lawatt PRO 7 years ago
so soft and lovely:
 by dearleila
The one lawat just posted and
London, September 5th, 2010 by The Gentleman Amateur
jimheid PRO 7 years ago
Magic from gelelie:

daveotuttle 7 years ago
this moment from bastiank80

Kiss me Goodbye
jimheid PRO 7 years ago
Another beauty from lawatt / Laura:

trees & road
Greg Fiala 7 years ago
thank you by jodi*mckee
Gian Guido Zurli 7 years ago

trees & road by lawatt
The Gentleman Amateur Posted 7 years ago. Edited by The Gentleman Amateur (member) 7 years ago
I've been enjoying Baron von Beerfest's science-fiction series this week - well worth a look if you haven't seen them:

the battle... by Baron von Beerfest

....and this negative Flatiron from futurowoman is quite a sci-fi vision too!

The Flatiron in Winter (negative) by futurowoman
jimheid PRO 7 years ago
View this masterpiece, from tobysx70 / toby, in lightbox:

You Hum It, I'll Play It
craig wk 7 years ago
Parlor Radiator by underthewaves
dfuster74 PRO 7 years ago
love this one
* by Norbert H.
philippe* PRO 7 years ago
* cate * 7 years ago
if room-sized photo-wallpaper were available, i'd be placing my order today for this:

 by jimheid

by jimheid
very clever shot
Vision by elle61
the_Craigen [deleted] 7 years ago
I want to run away with this dog:

good bye, 'roid week!
Esther17 7 years ago
from phamalamb:

adieu by phamalamb
tsillipines 7 years ago
his touch by Mary...
rjrphoto PRO 7 years ago
Into the light    VII by b_key

makes a father proud...
common courtesy by ..nobody..
* cate * 7 years ago
i don't even know what to say about this except WOW

Edge of the world by Rhett Redelings

from rhett redelings
the_Craigen [deleted] 7 years ago
Pacific coast

from Philippe*
Baron von Beerfest 7 years ago
Thank you, TGA. I have no idea where that series came from. Glad you've enjoyed it!
Baron von Beerfest 7 years ago
Leaf on PX 600 by heinisch
ludwigwest 7 years ago
 by Preet Shihn
>stone< [deleted] 7 years ago
 by ludwigwest
the_Craigen [deleted] 7 years ago
Cherry Wash Out


Rhett Redelings PRO 7 years ago

Instant Integral 7 years ago
This is literally one of the best Polaroids ive ever seen!

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