barharbor04 9:49pm, 13 April 2008
How about this: For the rest of spring, all of summer, and early fall
we all try to shoot as many interesting Polaroids as possible for 'Polaroid Day' (Nov. 26th)? There'd be five basic categories:
4 X 5, 3 1/4 X 4 1/4, Spectra, 'square', and miscellaneous (e.g. I-Zone or some original Swinger roll found preserved in a cave!). Color or
B & W, though I'd be mostly doing the latter with my 800 (my 195's in 'protected storage mode' for the time being, but my wife - not a real photo buff - could shoot square 600's providing she finds film, and I COULD use color in the 195 for fall foliage time only).
I'll get SOME kind of scanner up-and-running by then.
Nicholas Wee [deleted] 9 years ago
Just to check why on Nov 26. This is the birth day of Polaroid. I was think to do a Polaroid exhibition on next year..
queermountainman 9 years ago
If we do this, we need to get national attention... Broadcast networks, CNN, Public Radio, etc.
Nicholas Wee [deleted] 9 years ago
I was thinking for organising 1 in Singapore next year. But when is the actual Birth date of Polaroid. I am searching high and low for it..

queermountainman can you help me the date..
queermountainman Posted 9 years ago. Edited by queermountainman (member) 9 years ago
It depends on how you define "birth"...

The idea for a system of instant photography in which the technology was invisible to the user * came while Dr. Land was walking in Santa Fe with his daughter, who asked why she couldn't see the pictures right away. This occurred in 1943, but I don't know the exact date.

Then there was the first public demonstration of the Land system at the February, 1947 meeting of the Optical Society of America.

The first Land cameras and film were sold at the Jordan Marsh department store on November 26, 1948. As the system was now a commercial product, this is a reasonable "birth date".

* There were previous systems of "instant" photography, including the daguerreotype, tintype, and ambrotype. But these required the user to develop and fix the image on the spot. Land's genius lay in recognizing that the chemical processing could be unseen and self-regulating. And, as he put, all the work he'd done in inventing the first practical sheet polarizer had inadvertently prepared him to solve the physical and chemical problems related to instant photography.
Nicholas Wee [deleted] 9 years ago
thank queermountainman.

Do you had any idea did Dr. Land wroye any Book on Polaroid camera.

I was to give a talk Polaroid camera and Photography in one of the local photography gallery..

By the way which of the world are you from..

Tod Brilliant [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Tod Brilliant (member) 9 years ago
So....we seek to publicly promote the corporation who ended Dr. Land's dream???

I'm not sure I get it.
okto 9 years ago

We seek to celebrate the medium Dr. Land brought us.
queermountainman 9 years ago
Dr. Land wrote a lot about a lot of things, but never put them in a book.

If you're interested, there are three books on Polaroid and Dr. Land: The Instant Image, Land's Polaroid, and Insisting on the Impossible.

If you can read only one, I'd pick Land's Polaroid. The author was a Polaroid vice-president, and he writes beautifully.
barharbor04 9 years ago
Actually, Tod, to prove how creative one can be with "Polaroid" materials, whether they're actually made by Polaroid, Fuji, Ilford, or whoever. And Nick Wee, you're from Singapore? I'm just glad I didn't live there from 1982-84!!! :(
Nicholas Wee [deleted] 9 years ago
Thank queermountainman

I will go and hunt for the book.

Hi Barharbor

Yes, I am from Singapore. "The little red dot island..

If anybody do come to Singapore, just drop me a mail and I will bring you around..
Nicholas Wee [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi all

I was thinking of organising a Polaroid exhibition on Nov 26 2009. The exhibition will be hold the Red Dot Musueum in Singapore.

The title of the exhibition "Show me what you love about your Country or city"

Just to show of hand who is interested on it..
barharbor04 9 years ago
Good luck, Nick, and thanks for the in-vite, though I couldn't afford it to save my life! But what an adventure that would be ... a sort of "Year of Living Photographically" and "The Killing-of-Polaroid Fields" rolled into one! Not only THAT, but my wife would wonder why I was suddenly running around Southeast Asia with some guy named Nick ...
steevithak PRO 6 years ago
Anything going on for Polaroid Day this year? Contests, exhibitions, events?
tzzhc4 6 years ago
Sounds cool I agree with QMM that we would need attention to get it to catch on. Has anyone approached TIP or Polaroid? I am sure either would love an event that gets people interested in instant photography.
barharbor04 6 years ago
Wow, talk about an old thread! Why, I was still going through my "which THIRD party candidate am I going to vote for this year?" phase (I settled upon Ralph Nader).

QMM's long-gone too - for the SECOND time at that!

And NOW my wife worries about me watching hot-lookin' Canadian trannies on YouTube like Nadja Korol, and is not so concerned about me running-off with Asian boys easily young enough to be my son ...

By the way in 1982 and '84 I got busted for marijuana possession and drunk driving respectively, and THAT'S why I'm glad I wasn't in Singapore then. Nuthin' like being caned first and THEN lined-up and shot!
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