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BartF PRO 9:23pm, 8 June 2006
This is some seriously good stuff.

It seems sharper and with more accurate colors than polaroid equivalents.

I'll post some when I have something worth scanning.

I picked up a New in Box Polaroid 550 holder(25USD!) and Fuji FP100C is the only color 4x5 pack film I can get, and it blew me away.
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dirtdirt PRO 11 years ago
I agree. I think it's better than any of the Polaroids.

AND the prints don't curl as badly.
deepbluesea1956 [deleted] 11 years ago
I love it.
BartF PRO 11 years ago
I still love the funkiness of Polaroid for other reasons though :)
JAMIE X has moved 11 years ago
Ive got two packs of this in my fridge, i'll give it a go soon!
stOOpidgErL 11 years ago
fuji instant films are amazing! the clarity and color is just WOW! fuji instax films are sweet too@
Scott L. 11 years ago
wow, yeah... i just shot off my first pack of FP100C yesterday. Wow, this stuff really is amazing.
ernie :) 11 years ago
whats the fuji equivalent of the 600 or 779 ?
Scott L. 11 years ago
as far as i know, they don't have one. the fuji instant films are all peel apart.

FP100C is ISO100 color film. i think the most similar polaroid film to it is 669.
Jeff Walenta 11 years ago
so you you guys like this better the polaroid 690 film

cause if thats the case i am gonna have to check it out
Apocaplops 11 years ago
Actually Fuji does make integral film for non-US markets. They have two kinds right now:

Instax (which is not polaroid-equivalent and is made for their Instax cameras)

Instax Mini - which is equivalent to Polaroid's 500 or Mio film.
Lou O' Bedlam PRO 10 years ago
it's not. the fujifilm is packfilm, made for the polaroid land cameras. won't work with sx-70 or 600 series cameras. it's the kind of film you have to pull out and peel-apart.
BartF PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by BartF (member) 10 years ago
Yep, definitely good stuff, this FP100C

amuderick PRO 10 years ago
Based on the reviews here I ordered a box of FP-100C. You are all correct. It rocks. Great sharpness and color.

Now I'll consider shooting color in my pack-film camera instead of just 667 B&W.
maireadaseacht 10 years ago
How does the price of FP100C compare to Polaroid prices?
amuderick PRO 10 years ago
cheaper. slightly. Check B&H and compare prices.
maireadaseacht 10 years ago
Thank you - I'll key in B & H and see what happens.
Scott L. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Scott L. (member) 10 years ago
from what i've seen of it in the US, it's a hair cheaper, but nothing to get excited about. maybe $9 a pack instead of $10.
JAMIE X has moved 10 years ago
On saturday had to photograph a school fair, and in the spirit of fun and such, used my 340 and 2 boxes of FP100C.
You guys are right, its wonderful stuff, and yet again i was amazing by the old polaroid land cams' skills at measuring exposure!
check out two of my favourites from the day:

also, good news for any brits, at 7dayshop.com you can buy it for £7.50 which works out at 75p a shot - pretty good for a polaroid!
Jeff Walenta 10 years ago
ok i am sold on that stuff ....wonderfull shots btw

I still need to do a comparison to 690 film

i am just wondering if its really just the same stuff
BartF PRO 10 years ago
I think FUJI did manufacture some films for Polaroid, but I don't know if 690 is that film.
Txumi 10 years ago

Apocaplops says that fiji instax mini film is compatible with polaroid 500 cameras ( as vision/captiva and joycam) and mio camera. It's true that fuji instax mini film is 100% compatible with polaroid mio camera, but i think that isn't compatible with 500 polaroid cameras.

Am i confused??

Sorry for my worse english, i 'm catalonian ;p
a.n. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by a.n. (member) 10 years ago
hi, i have an example to post, taken with fuji fp100c (peel-apart, in case anyone wonders :):
" />

i think it is a little bit more sensible than 100. I usually expose at 160, which turns out fine. Around here this film is used alot for control-reasons before shooting on film or slide; when you are not originally interested in the polaroid. Also it's much cheaper. Concerning color, sharpness and contrast there shouldn't be any more questions. But I think the pictures look more modern. It doesn''t give the "polaroid" look, but for some pictures that works.
benroberts PRO 10 years ago
fp100c is definitely the polaroid of choice for the professional...

i have 5 packs sitting in my fridge. i'm waiting for the right job to use them on. in the meantime i have 20 packs of 2 years out of date polaroid for personal use and general rubbish..
Apocaplops 10 years ago
Txumi - yes you're right - it's the equivalent of Mio not 500.
maireadaseacht 10 years ago
Which Land cameras can use FP100C film? My Square Shooter 2 is a Land camera but takes type 88, I know.
BartF PRO 10 years ago
I think only the rectangular format pack film cameras (667, 690 etc) and the polaroid 550, polaroid 405 and Fuji PA-45 4x5 backs take this film.

Include Polaroid/Mamiya 600SE.
-pea- PRO 10 years ago
My reporter loves this film! (I have some 669 but havent actually tried it yet)
Marshed PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Marshed (member) 10 years ago
I'm using this film in a Land Model 100 Automatic and for some reason I'm getting a kind of pinkish tint to my images, I'm thinking it's an exposure issue, but has anyone else experienced this issue with Fuji FP-100C in a similar camera? On second thought, could it be due to some aspect of the camera optics?
ushush PRO 10 years ago
there's an issue with fuji film in polaroid packfilm camera (100 & Family) when pulling the tabs it often breaks, saving the picture and the unexposed film is really a mess
amuderick PRO 10 years ago
I have had the same problem as ushush. I wasted about 15 shots over 4 packs of film on my Polaroid 360 cam before my motor memory figured out how to pull the tab in a way that prevents ripping and doesn't jam the film in a messed up state. There is no way for me to describe the solution...its all in the motion, tension, and pressure.
BartF PRO 10 years ago
Maybe your rollers need a check? I've had problems with older cameras but never a problem with my purchased-new 4x5 backs.
maireadaseacht 10 years ago
thank you, bartf.
Marshed PRO 10 years ago
I've never had a pull problem with the model 100 and the Fuji FP-100C pack film.. just the weird coloring. Could that be a roller issue? Like maybe the developer isn't properly coating onto the print or something? I feel like I'm reaching here, but I'm really curious why it only happens to this film in the model 100 and not in any other pack film cameras.
Jeff Walenta 10 years ago
maybe your not developing it long enough or too long

does other polaroid color film work fine in that camera?
BartF PRO 10 years ago
The peel apart times also differ according to temperature.

Could you post a sample of a strangely colored pic?
ushush PRO 10 years ago
that's not a roller issue, that was my first thought, but trying wtih polaroid film it works great.
Antoine from Marseille says it's because of the cartridge iself, full plastic in fuji, part metal in polaroid .. but i don't really know
when the picture is out without pulling problems, it's just fine, no developer or peel apart time issues.
it's just the tab that breaks, and give me a hard time to pull the film ... or doesnt break and 2 pictures are coming together ... at least on the two packs i've tested so far.
Marshed PRO 10 years ago
I'm going to order some Polaroid pack film for the Model 100 this weekend, then I'll compare it. I've only used Fuji pack film with the camera so far, but I've used the same Fuji film in other cameras without the color distortion, so I don't think that it's due to development time. I don't think it'd be due to temperature. If the film gets hot at any point, could a change in color occur, even when the film is no longer warm? If color distortion due to heat is a cumulative effect, that could be the source of the problem.

bartf, I've digitally corrected the color on the shots that I had this problem occur on. I will repost a non-correct image later so you can see what I've been experiencing.
BartF PRO 10 years ago
Sorry, I should be more clear.

I'm not talking about heat damage to the film.

The development times of when you peel apart the film is changed by the temperature.

If it is warmer when you are shooting the peel apart times are shorter. If it is colder the peel apart time are longer. If you peel apart too early or too soon this can introduce color changes.

This applies to all peel apart films, Polaroid and Fuji
Jeff Walenta 10 years ago
polaroid 690 is alot more forgiveing with development time

normally there is a guide on the box that tells you approx development time for current tempeture

thankfully for me i live in florida and it rarely gets out of the range where i would have to try and heat it up or cool it down while developing
sirvivalist 10 years ago
Hi I just joined. I'm having problems fitting fuji100c iino my 550 back. The paper pulling strips are too short to stick out the top of the holder requiring me to go to darkroom between each exposure and attach tape to the leader in order to pull it through the rollers. Very frustrating!

Can anyone help? The first post suggests that it should be possible but i suspect only with the 100c45 film?

thanks in advance
BartF PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by BartF (member) 10 years ago
the FP100C will fit in the Polaroid 405 back or packfilm camera ONLY.

The 550 back takes FP100C45.

If you are using FP100C45 then I suspect you are loading the back incorrectly.

Just to be clear, the product line is FP100 (C is color B is BW).
The smaller color pack film is labelled with plain FP100C and the 4x5 (for 550 back) is FP100C45.
sirvivalist 10 years ago
thanks for the advice bartf, I was told at my retailer that the FP100c would fit in my 550 back but obviously it's the FP100C45 I need or the 405 back... I'll get back at them somehow.
Mike Z PRO 10 years ago
Here is where things can get confusing. I have the 550 back, and thought I was SOL because B and H Photo and Video, the company that has so much, didn't have FP100C45. But I looked at the picture on their web site that goes with what they are calling FP100C, and the photo of the box says FP100C45. Needless to say, I did not click and buy (it costs $35), I called the 800 number and confirned that what they were going to ship would fit in the 550 back. As far as I know, the only film that fits in that back is FP100C45, right? (So if you want the stuff that goes in the 405 back, how do you get it from B and H? I don't know, and since I haven't got that back, maybe I don't care.)

BartF PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by BartF (member) 10 years ago
Zach Schrock 10 years ago
Thanks for the link bartf, good clarification as most places don't.
DBCondit [deleted] 10 years ago
Anyone used the fuji100c in a 340?
amuderick PRO 10 years ago
I sat down and ruined the first half of four packs of film today to figure out the problem with the Fuji pack film jamming/becoming tangled in my Polaroid 360 camera.

My conclusion is that there is slightly less space inside the film compartment with the film door closed than Fuji anticipated. This could be because the plastic film case is slightly thicker than Polaroid's metal ones. Either way, there isn't enough room inside a new pack for the first negative to loop around to mate with the print. The result is that everything gets all jammed, developer paste goes everywhere and at least the first three pictures are ruined.

The solution is to pull the dark sheet and the first picture with the film compartment very very slightly ajar. More room, less problems. With practice you can avoid sacrificing the first photo on the pack.

I will write to Fuji and if they have any other solutions, I will post it here.
Tod Brilliant [deleted] 10 years ago
I agree Fuji over Pola here. Fuji IS the new Polaroid - it's the only company that seems to give a damn about instant film.


Tod Brilliant [deleted] 10 years ago
www.fujinoid.net is on the way.
Baala Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Baala (member) 10 years ago
wich fuji film can i use with my sx70 camera?? and with a spectra/image2?
TOD, that fujinoid link is not working :(

Tod Brilliant [deleted] 10 years ago
I take back everything nice I said about the Fuji film! While it's great and hignly saturated, any blacks DO NOT SCAN well at all due to the over-glossy finish. . . .oh well. . .

Tod Brilliant [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm so conflicted. . .
fotobird 10 years ago
hey there! I just got 6 packs in the post today and shot my first ever polaroid with it (600 series years ago) anyway... very nice. I did some more and then some emulsion lifts and its so tough, has anyone had great experience getting it to soften? cheers, gill
fotobird 10 years ago
oh I forgot to say, I only have a colorpak 2 camera and getting it focused right is pretty hard! are all pack film cameras like that, or can you get ones that focus normally??? needless to say, its FUN!
fotobird 10 years ago
oh yeah, me again... so this is 100 ASA & my camera is 75 ASA only, any special tricks for better exposure.. using lighten/darken knob.. shorter/longer dev times?? cheers for tha help ;)
-pea- PRO 10 years ago
I havent tried emulsion lifts with the fuji, but it does transfers nicely - the only thing is, you have to do it in the dark!
Scott L. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Scott L. (member) 10 years ago
i suppose you could mess with the light-dark knob it you want and slide it over to the dark side, to compensate for the difference in ISO, but i've never bothered. it's a fine idea, sure, but then again it's only a half stop difference between 75 and 100 (right?), so most of the time it'd be tough for your photos to be really messed up by the overexposure. so, sure, do it if you remember, but don't beat yourself up too bad if you don't.

i'm not sure about changing the development times. i usually shoot for getting it as close to the right time as possible.
fotobird 10 years ago
thx! I've heard great reports for transfers with dry paper and in the dark - the emulsion with lift offs is strong like plastic, isnt mallible (SP?) and dries rock hard and doesnt stick to paper well :( too bad!
kathyp. 10 years ago
Has anyone used Fuji's Black and White instant film?
amuderick PRO 10 years ago
I use FP-3000B all the time and I love it. It is superior to Polaroid 667 in almost every way. It is sharper, cheaper, and has a shorter development time. Great stuff!
queermountainman 10 years ago
To fotobird...

Most folding Colorpack cameras have coincident-image rangefinders, which are easy to focus. Look for a 340 or 350. The latter is especially nice, as it has a single-window Zeiss-Ikon range/viewfinder.

These cameras also take easy-to-use portrait and closeup lenses.
queermountainman 10 years ago
Is it too late to compliment BartF? That photo is the epitome of a good Polacolor print (even if it's from Fuji).

Guess I'm going to have to buy some FP100C.
fotobird 10 years ago
thx! am looking on ebay for a 350 or 450 :)
BartF PRO 10 years ago
queermountainman 10 years ago
To fotobird...

I have a pile of 350s and 360s. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll sell you one at a fair price, guaranteed to be working.
Kat White 10 years ago
hey whats the price difference bewteen the fuji film for the packcamera compared to a polaroid film?
Graustark 10 years ago
The prices are pretty close to the same in online stores ... maybe 50 cents difference at most for a 10-pack of Fuji FP100C and Polaroid 669.
queermountainman 10 years ago
I dislike recommending a Japanese product over an American, but Polaroid has become little more than a trademark, and the current owner appears to be in the process of abandoning instant photography. Fuji is one of the major film companies, and is more likely to stick with Polaroid materials -- especially if you buy their products, rather than Polaroid's.

Of course, Polaroid still makes some unique materials, such as 4x5 P/N and sepia. If you don't buy Colorpack materials from Polaroid, will all the 4x5 materials disappear?
Tod Brilliant [deleted] 10 years ago
One thing nobody mentioned is that the Fuji film tabs actually state the color/speed/type of film in the camera. With Polaroid films, you either get a blank tab (number only) or one that reads (PolaColor) but nothing else. What speed, you ask? Pola won't tell you - and if you have a lot of cameras filled with varying films, this is important!
queermountainman 10 years ago
Some of the Polaroid white tabs have a "thermometer" showing the appropriate development time. But it is annoying that the film type isn't marked at the edge, so you know what's in the camera.
Cyan64' PRO 10 years ago
" I dislike recommending a Japanese product over an American, "

Wow, GW should give you a medal for that! Wow!!!!!
queermountainman 10 years ago
If W gave me a medal/award for anything, it would quickly be shoved where the sun doesn't shine.
Cyan64' PRO 10 years ago
cheers! LOL!!!
kathyp. 10 years ago
First time with fuji pack film. It is a bit sharper, and the colors more natural, less supersaturated than polaroid's. (I think it's a bit finer grained, too.) My biggest problem was that the tabs broke off and I lost at least four shots.

I compensated for the speed, but mine are still a bit overexposed. (My camera only has a setting of 80 or 3000)

Smokes, too
Swamp_Stomper 10 years ago
I just ordered some 100c. Can't wait to test it out!!
pnettlet [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by pnettlet (member) 10 years ago
I typically will use Fuji Film instead of Polaroid... #1 cheaper and #2 I like the plastic holder .. but thats my opinion

And Oddly the prints tend to stay flat where the polaroids will often curl

I need to try more of the 100c... good stuff
maireadaseacht 10 years ago
I noticed that, Pnettlet. I've only used 667 besides FP100C,and loved it, but the pics did tend to curl while the Fujifilm didn't.
Kristian Thacker 10 years ago
the fuji instant film is also a lot nicer if you're using it for test shots for a photo shoot when you're going to be shooting fuji e6 or color neg later i think
PietaAlpha1 10 years ago
I just found two cameras a super shooter that seems to take four or five diff types of film
and a polaroid 350 in a box at my moms house they know nothing about them and said i can have both cameras
Can i use this fuji film in these two cameras
or do i have to use some other type of film and if so what types can i use?
I would be very grateful for any help given
queermountainman 10 years ago
The 350 will take any kind of rectangular-format Colorpack film. (Yes, the Fuji will work.)

Set the film-speed dial to 150 and the Lighten/Darken control one mark toward Lighten.

Be sure the shutter battery is good, or the camera won't work.
PietaAlpha1 10 years ago
Thank you very much!!
PietaAlpha1 10 years ago
I also just found what seems to be a polaroid model 95
would you have any idea what kind of film that camera might take
JRJacobs 10 years ago
The 95 takes rollfilm, which isn't made anymore unfortunately. :(

On the subject of Fuji packfilm, I generally prefer it over Polaroid products myself, but I have noticed that it is much more prone to having the paper tabs break off - it is always tighter to pull them out also - the packs don't fit quite as well as the Polaroid ones.
queermountainman 10 years ago
I've had similar problems with "white-tab breakoff" with Polaroid pack film. It varies from sample to sample.
amuderick PRO 10 years ago
In another thread someone suggested pressing hard on the two metal springs that apply pressure to the film pack. Bending them slightly makes more room for the slightly thicker Fuji film.

I did it in my 360 and it totally worked. No more ripped dark slide or tabs.
Apocaplops 10 years ago
I just got two packs for cheap from a closing photo store. I think I'll try them in my pinhole camera...
nikonluva [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi everyone! i just found out about this whole Fuji Instant film thing. IT SOUNDS GREAT! I have a Polaroid 320 Land camera, and already checked the Polaroid website to find that it will work in my camera. I just need to know: With this film will i need to compensate exposure in any way? or do any type of modification like the 600 film in the SX-70? I think i will like the Fuji allot better that Polaroid, even though i have never tried it out. (the pola)

And one more quick thing: i will also want to use the B*W instant Fuji film. Whats the difference between the FP-3000B and the FP- 100B? And will it word just the same;just as easily as the 100c color film? thx for the help.
JRJacobs 10 years ago
FP-3000b is ISO 3000
FP-100b is ISO 100
nikonluva [deleted] 10 years ago
ah! Makes sense..... So with the FP-3000B i would switch the exposure thingey on my camera to 3000, and with the FP-100B i would switch it to 75, and then turn the knob thing toward darken. Correct?
queermountainman 10 years ago
Right. One mark (a half-stop) toward Darken.
*superfurry* PRO 9 years ago
just wanted to revive this thread to point uk members in the direction of bargain just-expired fp100c (nayy)


including shipping it works out at just over 40p a shot. i'm not decided yet whether i can afford some or not but i'm sure someone else here will (just don't buy them all, ok?).

oh and i had the tight squeeze with fuji packs in my 350 which is much improved (if not totally eliminated) by swapping the top of the film pack for a metal polaroid top.
lakesuperiorphoto 9 years ago
this fuji 4x5 pack film, does it have a negative that you can clear such as the soon to be totally discontinued polaroid instant films?
geørg PRO 9 years ago
Are there any cheap Old cameras to ose the Fuji Instant film with?

I don't want to spend so much money on a medium format, but fhat Film is really interesting. Especially since last week.
queermountainman 9 years ago
@lakesuperiorphoto... Fuji doesn't make a 4×5 instant-picture material.

@georg... Fuji's pack film will work in any Polaroid camera that takes pack film. These cameras are widely available on eBay and elsewhere.
MO&A Posted 9 years ago. Edited by MO&A (member) 9 years ago
Yes they do make 4x5 polaroid material. It's called Fuji 100c45. I just bought 20 boxes of it on Ebay.
amuderick PRO 9 years ago
I've also found Fuji pack films to be a tight fit in my 360. There are two metal bars which apply pressure to push the film pack forward. A little bend with the fingers and the tightness was gone.
anniebee PRO 9 years ago
queermountainman 9 years ago
Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. And the price isn't too bad, either.
geørg PRO 9 years ago
So the fuji instant will fit in any packfilm camera? I have absolutely no clue and the guys in the photo-stores don't know a thing too.

The Land List says something about Type 100 and Type 80 film cameras. Will the fuji fit in both?
queermountainman Posted 9 years ago. Edited by queermountainman (member) 9 years ago
The Fuji pack films are for 100-series cameras. They will not fit cameras that take only 80-series materials. They're too big!
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