petepixxx 7:57am, 20 February 2012
Discussion on Strobist blog:

More channels, buttoned zones, battery meter, lots to love...

Oh, and a bit lower price.

edit: On B&H now.

edit: On PW site now, with video. Yes, mostly mini-Multi-Max.
I've never seen any group/zone setup even close to that easy to see/use.

Does anyone else notice in the video that the spinning of the lockdown takes a gazillionth of a second from full height? Magic? Hmmm... Mark has such an easy to listen to voice, classic announcer with a bit of nasel and just a bit of southern drawl. How does he do that?

Also wondering about the need for the *repeater* function to keep the flashes synced when using off camera flash. If you use PW to trigger, but have say a Cybersync in the hotshoe will the remote PCB flashes trigger in sync?

Wondering how far apart the trigger & flash need to be if, say, I want to use a +III in Zone D to trigger a linked RP JrX Studio for manual level control.
DB-UK PRO 4 years ago

Looks to have included a lot of the features from the Multimax in a smaller unit and at a lower price. Which is good.

Not quite sure where that leaves the Multimax now though as there is much less of a reason to buy those when the Plus III has almost the same set of features.
Jerry P. H. 4 years ago

McNally also got a set... Looks very cool !
Daniel Cormier Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Daniel Cormier (member) 4 years ago
They sound exactly like redesigned, cheaper MultiMax's to me. Though I think the two-stage test button is new. The lower price sure is welcome, though.

I would love to know what's to come of the MultiMax line.
petepixxx 4 years ago
Nice new PW +III video out on Vimeo. Love those zones more each time!
fsm vpggru PRO 4 years ago
does anyone know if the multimax will fire on the second curtain? If it does then I guess the Plus III will too which is the only thing my Plus IIs are missing!
erayboul PRO 4 years ago
I don't own any Multimax's, but according to the owner's manual from the PocketWizard website, they will sync to the rear curtain. According to a response on PocketWizard's own blog post where they announced the Plus III's, there will still be some features reserved only for the Multimax including rear curtain, intervalometer and so on.
Jerry P. H. 4 years ago
Rear curtain sync with Nikon is available on all models of PW triggers from the II's on up. I know this because I have been doing this for years already.
Hougland Imagery 3 years ago
Question for a PW PlusIII guru:

I just ordered a couple of Plus III's
and a shutter release cable (N90M3-P) for my Nikon D300
The cable switch is set to "Normal" (vs. "Pre-Trigger Mode)
PW's set identically, for example: TxRx - Ch20 - Quad A

But the "Half-Press" from the Tx, isn't waking up my D300
There is a Half-Press indication on the Tx in my hand when half pressed, but no indication on the Rx atop my D300

A Full Press will go ahead and trigger the D300's shutter.

How is the half press function supposed to work? Indications on both Tx and Rx? Is this shutter release cable compatible? Or does it sound like RMA time, for the PW's?
Jerry P. H. Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Jerry P. H. (admin) 3 years ago
No such thing as a PWIII guru yet... unless your name is Joe McNally... lol

I would contact the place you bought them from to be sure you got the right cable and if they cannot answer your questions, a quick email to PW directly may get you the answers as to if you have the right cable or not... and how it is supposed to work.
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