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Welcomes both users of the latest Canon EOS 7D Mark II and users of the original 7D. Post your very best photos here...


  • .


    PhasmatosOculus4 months ago1 replies

  • Making Flickr a bit more fun...

    This is not directly related to 7D cameras, but it is related to photographers o...

    Stig Nygaard41 months ago0 replies

  • Help!!! I need some advise on lens selection

    Hiya Guys and Gals I have a little Dilemma and wondered if I could get some op...

    Stixsam46 months ago4 replies

  • Are you getting the new 7D mark II ?

    I'm told by my pusher that I can pick up my new "toy" tomorrow :-)

    Stig Nygaard54 months ago12 replies

  • Increasing sharpness with 7d

    How do i increase the sharpness on the 7d...My pics look too soft

    gigantic beef54 months ago30 replies

  • CF adapter for SD card

    Hi all. I just purchased a mint 7D which will be here on Saturday. I do have s...

    Larry Mendelsohn54 months ago2 replies

  • should I get 7D or 60D ?

    Oh hello there, I'm just wondering if i should get 7D or the 60D. I'm not a ...

    Dennis JVI59 months ago17 replies

  • Memory cards for new firmware

    Hello to everybody, as you probably know Canon has released a new firmware for...

    Er Boccia59 months ago7 replies

  • Defective shutter release

    My first new 7D had an intermittent fault which became permanent. The shutter re...

    G&R63 months ago1 replies

  • Battery not communicating issue

    Has anyone else in group had the issue where the battery isn't communicating wit...

    koyah7D69 months ago3 replies

  • Joining.

    Hello, new to the group and happy to share.

    kitchou1 Thanx 4 UR Visits Coms+Faves.69 months ago0 replies

  • RAW or JPEG?

    I am confused as to what format s best or professional printing, and personally ...

    It's over in a minute69 months ago16 replies

  • New lenses For 7D

    I have had my 7D with two lenses for almost 3 years. I have grown so much with m...

    It's over in a minute70 months ago10 replies

  • 7D vs 6D..pls help in choosing

    Hi , i have a 500d and have been using my friends 7D , what to say ..just fell i...

    rajumpr70 months ago3 replies

  • Body losing connection to lens

    I had to return my brand new 7D to Canon for repair because the body continues t...

    bighouse197271 months ago2 replies

  • focusing screen cleaning!

    4 days old 7D and focusing screen is dirty!!!!!! I'm really really really angry...

    KozmoNauta71 months ago2 replies

  • Recomposing a shot

    When ive tried ti recompose a shot with my 7d i have a bit of a problem.I put my...

    Darryl Stubbs73 months ago6 replies

  • Battery not communicating

    Hi Everyone, Does any one have a solution for the Battery cannot communicate wi...

    njcasheila73 months ago1 replies

  • EOS 7D "error 40"

    I recently started getting "error 40" on my Canon EOS 7D. Removing and reinserti...

    Jon Glittenberg74 months ago0 replies

  • Second curtain with internal flash

    In a few occasions I need to use the built-in flash but I can't set the sync to...

    wbyoungphotos74 months ago0 replies

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